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Author: Marcus Ray

Marcus Ray

British born in 1962 he came to Canada in 1965 At 9 Marcus hit the stage as a singer/ guitar player At age 15 he was recruited as a male model In the financial crash of the early 80s he reluctantly entered the world of male exotic dancing After 7 years of dancing he invested in his own Agency for male strippers. After selling to the competition Marcus invested in Night Clubs. All of the above he had achieved before his 30th birthday. He then sold everything to become a Police Officer and Search and Rescue Diver. After serving 6 years he felt the pull of his entrepreneurial spirit and decided to attend the London School of Hair Dressing in hopes of opening a Salon Franchise. Drawing designs for the salon he created unique furniture pieces. People began ordering the Custom Vanities and before he knew it Marcus launched the PEBBLECREEK Furniture Company After years of success, his own factory, 10 store locations and a Construction Company all was lost due to an economical crash. Now at 58 Marcus is an International Award-Winning Speaker and Author

Cash in Your Failures for Success

Cash in Your Failures for Success

Adversity! Now there’s a word I’m familiar with. As a lifetime entrepreneur the road has never been an easy one.