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Author: Merrilee Sweeney

Merrilee Sweeney

She’s an imagineer, talk show host, author, intuitive relationship expert, counselor, listener, dreamer, solutions expert, and Ambassador of love. Merrilee is a force of nature, in tune, and on a mission to demonstrate and inspire the Power of Love. Her life education is what you always needed but never knew existed. Blessed with an unparalleled understanding of the complexity of life, she is lovingly referred to as the Queen of Hearts. Merrilee is the author, creator and master of “The Game,” a manual for personal empowerment and character development, providing an education in love. Her principles apply to every area of life from business to romance, casual to acquaintance. No matter the question, concern, or dilemma, love is always the answer as she describes the rules, the plays, the players and the pieces. Those fortunate enough to learn how to play are destined to experience a life of magic, wonder, and favor. The Queen of Hearts is a living example that love is always the answer. Merrilee is available for consultation, speaking engagements, interview, and workshops.

The Esoteric Entrepreneur

The Esoteric Entrepreneur

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Well, that depends on your intention.