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Author: Pamela Bardhi

Pamela Bardhi

Pamela Bardhi immigrated to the U.S when she was 5 Years old from Albania with her family. She started in small business at her family pizza shop in Boston when she was 10 years old. Pamela started two restaurants by the time she was 21 and shortly thereafter bought her first single family home to flip. She fell in love with real estate since then. She's been featured in Time Magazine, Forbes, and among other major media outlets highlighting her 9-figure real estate career and achievements. Her educational background includes Stonehill College, Babson College & Harvard Business School. Pamela is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Mosché Group, a real estate company comprising development, construction and brokerage based in Boston, MA. She has recently released a podcast called "Underdog" which hit Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy within 30 days of launching catapulting her show into the top 1% of podcasts. Pamela interviews guests from all walks of life to share their Underdog Story. Pamela is deeply passionate about helping empower others to follow their dreams and breaking through their Underdog Challenge.

The Underdog

The Underdog

It was a cold winter night in Massachusetts when we touched down at Logan Airport. I was 5 years old and my little brother was a baby. It was my first time being on a…