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Author: Robin Bela

Robin Bela

Robin Bela is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, Success Mindset and Manifestation Coach & Transformational Teacher for over 15 years. Robin is from India and lives in the UK since 2003. She is the author of ‘Break the Pattern: Connecting to The Power Within To Create The Life You Want’ & Co-Author of the book ‘The Successful Mind: Tools To Living A Purposeful & Productive Life.’ Robin is an MBA graduate with a corporate background. She has helped thousands personally and professionally come out of challenging situations where they seemed stuck, especially in their minds for their personal and professional success. She shows you how to tap into the flow of the Divine for moving into the flow of higher positive vibrations to bring your success. Robin shows how to improve the way one thinks and feels about themselves, their business vision and achieve their success. She helps Leaders & Entrepreneurs to manifest their greatest potential by cultivating a Success Mindset. A regular international guest speaker in media and events, Robin also offers various online programs, seminars, offline and online retreats. If you would like to learn more about Robin and access free resources to help you manifest your success, please visit her website.

Manifesting Success Through the Power of Mind

Manifesting Success Through the Power of Mind

Everything we create first begins in our minds. It starts with our imagination, often a wild imagination like that of Thomas Alva Edison when he invented the light bulb.