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Author: Sonia Novick

Sonia Novick

Hello! My name is Sonia Novick. I am an entrepreneur, motivational coach, certified NLP Practitioner, and "Curandera – Healing Coach." I have a secret entrepreneurial formula my dad passed on to me that allows most entrepreneurs to earn millions of dollars and avoid common mistakes! My goal is to meet the demand of those desiring to learn these entrepreneurial secrets—including better health alternatives, enhanced food and wellness products by re-education of lifestyle diet, and emotional/mental reprogramming changes. Offering proven and verifiable life-changing entrepreneurial formulas, my health coaching strategies help your body and mind to work efficiently, celebrating and enhancing life instead of confusing and unbalancing the body, mind, and spirit… Besides being an entrepreneur, I am a Certified Health Coach, a health supplement formulator, and the inventor of a whole superfood product that stimulates your immune system and activates an immune-compromised system back to optimal health. This invention/formulation alone makes millions of dollars and helps health researchers, health practitioners, scientists, virologists, and millions of auto-immune compromised people all over the world to improve their healing process completely and naturally from cancer and other issues. Learn how to get rid of brain fog and activate your mind for achieving success with total health and wellness in living an A-Bun-Dace life!

Co-creating your divine purpose or mis-create your life into a downward spiral

Co-creating your divine purpose or mis-create your life into a downward spiral

Fellow entrepreneurs who are struggling with manifesting your desired outcome for your business into this 3D reality, you need to look at this reality as an energy wave pattern of manifestation in motion.

Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurial Secret Formula

Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurial Secret Formula

I am going to share an entrepreneurial formula my dad used all his life to earn millions and avoid common mistakes made by most entrepreneurs.