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Author: Spencer Holman

Spencer Holman

Dr. Spencer J. Holman is a Philosopher, innovative thought leader, CEO of multiple successful companies, and internationally recognized author and speaker. His work is an integral part of universities, judicial systems, schools, churches and many other social environments around the world. He is the creator of the 10 Life Values Philosophy, a personal and relational success system which serves as a blueprint for men to be equipped with processes and tools for success multi-generationally and inter-generationally. He has helped over 1 million men improve their lives, their families and their communities. His best-selling books include: Fatherhood Legacy, Fatherhood Academy, The Spiritual Guide, The Wealth Management Guide, and The Black Person’s Guide to Owning A Bentley. Dr. Holman has 4 Doctoral degrees: honorary PhD in Philosophy, of which his 10 Life Values success system is based, honorary Doctorate in Naturopathy, of which his herbal formulations and training series are founded. His honorary Doctorate in Community Development is based on his work of enlightening over 1 million men in the United States and across 26 countries internationally. His earned PhD in Theology encompasses his one-on-one and peer counseling, the creation of his Spiritual Guide and work as a Minister and Chaplain.

The Value of The Rich Code: The American Dream

The Value of The Rich Code: The American Dream

What is your pursuit? From time immemorial we are conquerors seeking an inexplicable better way to go further in life. The American Dream symbolizes this pursuit. We are often lured into thinking that the individualistic…