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What do a 100% increase in sales and a 25% increase in profits have in common?

International best-selling author and award-winning business consultant, Belinda Ellsworth has helped companies do both.

Numbers like these are more than just impressive entries on a spreadsheet; they are the very essence of any business. Having built three successful companies (by falling in love with her own numbers), Belinda has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make better decisions, create successful systems, and build business strategies using her “Four Pillars of Success” system.

She has been a professional speaker, trainer, mover, and shaker for more than 25 years. Known as the “Left-Brain Entrepreneur,” Belinda has been called “a trailblazer in the industry of coaching and speaking.”

As a speaker, sales organizations have reported up to a 139% increase in sales within 90 days of her presentations. More than 200 companies have hired her as a conference speaker.

As a consultant, she has a track record of increasing sales and profits on average by 100-200%.

As a podcast host, her Work From Your Happy Place podcast is just celebrating its 300th episode.

Her iconic messages of good solid business practices will not only stay with you forever but will positively impact your bottom line.

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What does your happy place look like?  Work from Your Happy Place aims to EMPOWER you to take a leap toward the happy and fulfilled life you’ve always imagined by sharing stories of successful people who have done the same.  Our featured mentors will model their stories of failure, success, and perseverance.  What key tools and resources do you need to create a better lifestyle? Listeners will learn what “Happy Place” means for each guest and get lasting advice from the people who are living their dreams.

My #1 tool is my planner: to help those in sales and other savvy entrepreneurs crush their goals and grow their business. It’s a 188-page planner that includes a vision board, goal setting, monthly KPIs, business strategy, month-at-a-glance, and week-at-a-glance scheduling, and so much more. Also included are 16 training videos to help you best use the planner, and keep you on track of your goals each and every month.