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You Can Be Anything You Want, If You’re
Willing to Take Action

by Bennie McWilliams

How can I say this with such certainty? Because, I am living proof that if you want anything in life, and you believe in your own potential, it can become reality.

Strange Opportunities

One of the things I’ve come to realize, from this experience of starting my vaping business, is that we are all capable of accomplishing so much more than we will ever realize! Sometimes, following your gut and pulling the trigger is tough, but if you have a dream, and a little courage, you can accomplish anything you want bad enough!

My introduction to the vaping industry came when a friend of mine brought a guest on our annual camping trip, this guest pulled out an e-cig at the campfire. I had no idea what this thing was or what it did. When I asked him what he was doing, he replied, “I’m quitting smoking.” After the conversation, I thought, there’s no way I would ever do that! It looked like he was doing something illegal. Pretty much the same thing everybody else thought about e-cigs. No one had been educated on e-cigs, nor their purpose and effectiveness in breaking one of the most addictive habits known to man. Smoking!

About Bennie McWilliams

If you were to ask most people that know Bennie to describe him in one word, most likely, the winning vote would be: PASSIONATE. When he believes in something, or someone, the world will know it. Bennie is as real as they come. He has an energy that uplifts and encourages those he comes in contact with. People are drawn to his presence.

Bennie is a self-made entrepreneur, who had the odds stacked against him. Although life had many struggles and challenges, he kept reaching for the prize and didn’t give up. Bennie built his business over six, grueling years, and all of the blood, sweat and tears has finally started to pay off. He is a prime example of determination!

Bennie loves to help people find the courage and confidence to reach for the sky and soar to their highest potential. He has always had a passion for supporting and helping others make their dreams come true.

Today, Bennie is building a life coaching career helping other entrepreneurs with their own businesses. He often states, “There is no better knowledge than experience itself.” Bennie passionately shares his own experiences in life and business to help others have a smoother and shorter ride to the top!