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Starting Over or Just Getting Started?

by Beth Robins

“Cracking the Rich Code”… Well let’s start by defining “RICH” for you!

Is it wealth in the stock market, cash in the bank, real estate holdings, mansions, or cars?

OR do you consider more intangible notions to define rich?

Is it great health, a fit body, or a clear, positive, and curious mindset?

Is it having fulfilling relationships and a close family unit?

Is it having a career that makes you look forward to Monday mornings?

OR… Can you possibly dare to have it ALL??? Is there a secret to cracking this code?

It is not a secret! It is intrinsic, but we are blurred by so many distractions that clutter our intuition to see with vision. Most only see obstacles and settle for the path of least resistance and road most taken. We follow the carved route of our ancestors, forgetting that we are the evolved version! Then, a few decades into adulthood some look back and wonder if this is really all there is to life? Is there something missing? There are those who soared early in life and perhaps gained notoriety or fame that was short lived. Our AMAZING veterans returning home from tours of duty enter into civilian life armed with valuable skill sets, but no compass to show them where to go. It can be extremely unsettling, confusing, and unfulfilling, not to mention terrifying! This is not all there is to this gift of life! Now is the time to learn to enjoy mind-blowing experiences, soul stirring stories, and GREATNESS!!!

About Beth Robins

Beth Robins is an evolutionary work in progress, just like you! She has been in the fitness and healthy lifestyle coaching business since 1986. Her lifestyle coaching connects health with wealth encouraging both budding entrepreneurs and people looking to upgrade their health status to step out of their comfort zones and try success on for size!

Beth is a certified personal and group fitness coach who has gathered hundreds of certifications from advanced nutrition principles with Precision Nutrition to the latest trends in fitness as the industry evolves with ACE and IDEA. However, her self-proclaimed PhD in “Been there Done That” continues to serve her in times of crisis, indecision, and epic fails. She has always had the good fortune to run her own businesses as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, life coach, and entrepreneur. All of this has crafted an incredibly fulfilling career truly helping people step out of their box, take leaps of faith, try new things, discover their raw potential at all stages of life, and finally step into their light!

My goal from this day forward is to stimulate some enthusiasm for your OWN extraordinary journey around the sun!