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As a business owner looking for ideas to achieve your business goals, it’s essential to learn how to cultivate a pleasing personality. Learning the art of winning critical relationships that move you forward is an opportunity to reach outstanding success without pushing, brutal competitive power, and a feeling of being alone in your efforts. It is virtually impossible to achieve success without a personality that entices the cooperation of others.

Harnessing your subconscious mind’s power allows your imagination to develop new ideas that support you in reaching your goals. According to the infamous book by Napoleon Hill entitled, The Law of Success in 16 Lessons, thoughts mixed with emotion constitute a magnetic force that captivates the vibrations in the ethers, which he labeled Infinite Intelligence. Our brains release a consistent series of thought-energy pulses that impact our subconscious mind and give us the ability to pick up others’ thoughts.

What is a mastermind?

  • A mastermind creates a bond of harmony that causes your mind to blend with others. This blending creates a oneness of minds, working together to yield power and create harmonious and friendly relationships. Once there is unity among their minds, outstanding achievements quickly follow. One of the first unions of great minds was among Edison, Ford, and Firestone. Their successes still reverberate up in our nation today.
  • A mastermind consists of two or more people who are willing to coordinate their minds in a spirit of perfect harmony. When two or more people harmonize their minds, their subconscious minds come together to create a noticeable third mind with consistent prevailing power. Each mind stimulated by a higher degree of vibration produces a more vivid imagination and stimulation of the sixth sense.
  • Masterminds are the subtle art of mind blending because it creates a connective vibration that unifies one single transmission. Each person added to the group is like a neurologic battery that increases the power passing through each mind group.

How does this work in real life?

Andrew Carnegie created a steel business and amassed great wealth. When he arrived at the mastermind, he knew nothing about how to develop his company. Over time he managed to catapult the most successful steel industry ever known to man by surrounding himself with highly intellectual men who supplied him knowledge when he had no idea where or how to begin such an endeavor. It’s all about the chemistry of great minds working together.

For a public speaker, chemistry is everything. As soon as audience minds become in tune with the speaker’s, a noticeable increase of enthusiasm is ignited. However, where there is no connection with the audience, the speaker will become exhausted and worn down quickly. That’s why comedians pay heavily for a good opening act to warm up their audiences. They intend to make the audience more receptive to the headliner’s connection and success.

Napoleon Hill says that every speaker knows what happens when the state of perfect harmony fails to materialize in an audience. I have personally experienced a hostile audience. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like climbing up a steep mountain; you are out of breath and exhausted because it requires so much work to connect with your audience if they aren’t receptive to your topic.

Effective Masterminds for Salespeople

A mastermind is particularly effective with salespeople who want to become a master in their chosen field for two reasons. One is because it covers every known principle of selling and supportive ideas that you can never find in any other program. The second reason is that you can devise marketing strategies for your products and services while working with a small group of people with ideas. Working with others is considerably more beneficial than trying to figure things out on your own.

Benefits of Having a Mastermind Group

The primary benefit of a mastermind group is that no two minds think alike. When there is a meeting of the minds, ingenuity, ideas, strategies, and spiritual principles start to flow and work together. Lastly, it can help us see certain situations from a different perspective.

However, a word of precaution, upon joining a mastermind, you must clear yourself from any negative thoughts because negativity will take over the positive vibrations of the other participants. One negative person can quickly bring down the minds of the rest of the group.

The Ultimate Tip: Finding the Right Mastermind Group

Not all mastermind groups are the same. Each one elicits unique and different vibrations. Look around at the different groups available until you find a mastermind that relates well to how you think. Make sure the knowledge and expertise of the members are well suited to what you wish to accomplish. It’s essential that you feel comfortable, accepted, and valued as a participant. It may take time to find the perfect group. But when you do, there will be a powerful openness that will support you in moving your business to greater heights. I promise you the results will be surprising to everyone in the group.

If you are currently looking for a mastermind group to get support, join us at the Authors and Speakers Visibility Playground Business Mastermind. We meet every Thursday at 10 am Pacific. We welcome you to give us a try.

Shirlene Reeves

Awarded the ‘Exceptional Woman of Influence 2019’ by the Women Economic Forum, Dr. Shirlene Reeves is a four-time award-winning author, media personality and motivational speaker who has journeyed from dumpster diving to diamonds. For 17 years she was the CEO of her own nationwide CA C Corporation, which she bootstrapped from zero to multi-millions with over 23,000 working under her. Dr. Shirlene specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, and coaches’ strategies for building high income, heart-based communities that generate massive incomes. Today she travels the world, enjoys her Baja beach-front property and works with clients worldwide.

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