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by Carla Walker

Do you know your code to living a rich life? Are you already wealthy? What if you’re rich now and missing it? Developing your identity as a happy, rich person is key. Living a prosperous life is knowing what your seeking moves from within out.

 I’m excited to be on this journey with you. If you were drawn to read this chapter, trust somewhere somehow, we’re aligned. This powerful information will help you SHIFT to a new identity. Your own exceptional self is here to bring something unique to the planet. Your DNA is richly coded just for you.

 This chapter includes paying attention to the clues, getting conscious to high-vibing food and people, remembering our energy is a frequency, living a daily practice, and more.

Are you listening to the Clues? If you already have a strong inner guidance system, or clues to your purpose, write them down. If you feel uncertain, this is where contemplation is essential in getting you directly on your path: Clues or Purpose

Life Purpose Coach

Are you seeking? Are you ready to activate your hidden purpose, life work and Pearl? Unlock your highest potential in your DNA.

Relationship Coach

What do you love about your partner? Are you speaking the same love languages? Are you lacking passion or confused if you are finished?

Mindful Coach

What is your spiritual, mental and physical practice? Are you stressed, moody and unhappy? Are you ready to get your energy going?

About Carla

Carla Walker MFT has practiced for over 25 years inspiring individuals, couples and business owners as a Spiritual/Intuitive Coach. She’s fortunate to work with high profile celebrities in the music, film and racing industry. She is a co-author Cracking the Rich Code, an expert in the documentary film, “Imagine a World”. She is known as, “The Changer.”

Many have benefited from her unique and enthusiastic style. Her passion lies in motivational speaking, teaching topics such as mindful living, meditation, how to cook simple plant-based meals, how to direct the mind, and finding/following your golden path. Trained as a Pranayama Meditation level 111 teacher, she runs workshops combining meditation, the Gene Keys and a simple plant-based meal.