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Carpe Diem

Honestly… If not NOW… WHEN??? We all know the clichés about life being too short, but the reality is this. Our lives are exactly as long as they are meant to be. This means it is our responsibility to make the most out of each day balancing BIG bucket list dreams while also enjoying the ordinary moments. CARPE DIEM is Latin for “SEIZE THE DAY”!

Now, that being said, the choices you make on how to do this are quite personal!

Taking leaps of faith into a new business venture, planning the exotic trip you’ve always dreamed of, beginning a new romantic relationship with a crush, rekindling a current flame, changing careers, moving across the country, quitting your job??!!! These are all examples of big moves that obviously require plenty of forethought. This list also represents some of the most common themes people put aside for a rainy day, when there’s enough money, or when opportunities miraculously fall into their lap. Carpe Diem means STOP! Do it, plan it NOW!!! If not NOW… WHEN???

Seizing the Day does not have to be a big move at all! (Although I highly recommend entertaining a few of them to shake things up and empty some bucket lists!) Taking advantage of all the small moments that add up to a GREAT day is even more impactful! It forces you to live in the present, conscious of the blessings all around you. The people, places, sights and sounds that highlight your comings and goings as you go about an otherwise “normal” day are the foundations of making the most of each day. All you have to do is take notice.

Carpe Diem can simply be waking up with good intentions to make someone smile today, a random act of kindness, a walk in the fresh air during lunch time, calling an old friend to catch up, cleaning out closets, trying a new workout, tempering a short fuse, resolving a conflict, finishing up old business, and crossing ugly “to do’s” off the list. It must become a habit. To truly get the most out of each and every day, you simply have to intend to do so. You cannot go through the motions any more. All the moments in your day must be relevant to YOU!

The point here is to truly embrace the notion that it’s not about how long or short our lives turn out to be. That really isn’t in our power to know. We DO know that life is a gift! It’s ours to live as we see fit. Do an honest self-check in. If you’re one that finds genuine happiness as a downer, crabby pants, lazy complainer, then have at it with gusto! Make the most of it! (We probably won’t be hangin’ out!) If you are one who might be wafting in the breeze, going through the motions, stuck in a rut, anxious to find your way, or waiting for an outside force to shake you up… here I am!

I’ve grown up to be an optimist and a realist! I KNOW that I will trek to Thailand one day, as I also know that I won’t eat monkey brains or Cobra blood for dinner!  I’m actively planning for a future with a purpose, and consciously taking stock of remarkable moments that happen around me each day. It’s part of living a BALANCED LIFE. Planning for BIG things, and celebrating the LITTLE things!  No matter what… I will always CARPE DIEM!!!

Beth Robins

Beth Robins is an evolutionary work in progress, just like you! She has been in the fitness and healthy lifestyle coaching business since 1986. Her lifestyle coaching connects health with wealth encouraging both budding entrepreneurs and people looking to upgrade their health status to step out of their comfort zones and try success on for size! Beth is a certified personal and group fitness coach who has gathered hundreds of certifications from advanced nutrition principles with Precision Nutrition to the latest trends in fitness as the industry evolves with ACE and IDEA. However, her self-proclaimed PhD in “Been there Done That” continues to serve her in times of crisis, indecision, and epic fails. She has always had the good fortune to run her own businesses as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, life coach, and entrepreneur. All of this has crafted an incredibly fulfilling career truly helping people step out of their box, take leaps of faith, try new things, discover their raw potential at all stages of life, and finally step into their light! My goal from this day forward is to stimulate some enthusiasm for your OWN extraordinary journey around the sun!

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