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How to Live Stress Free

by Charol Messenger

It used to take me a long time to figure things out. I worried about everything, and I made a lot of mistakes. I still do at times. However, once I get it, it stays with me forever. Here are a few personal stories of how I learned not to let things get to me and to trust and act upon the insights that come to me for guidance—as they do for all of us, in all of life’s decisions and concerns.

Aside from a spontaneous awakening November 1975 to my higher destiny and purpose, one of the first times the inner magic guided me (and I listened) was when it came to me in 1979 that I really needed to quit that job. I was sure. On Friday, I gave notice, after three-and-a-half years as the senior word-processor at ITU in Colorado Springs. Then immediately I wondered, what could I do now for money? Inner voice answered, Do readings. OMG. That’s a good idea, I thought back, as I already had been giving free soul readings for a while now. Then the next Monday—I got a phone call from a lawyer, who had been tracking me down for five years, with a $5,000 inheritance from my deceased mother (who had been murdered in front of me when I was two, but I never knew her family). Well – I was already clear on just what to do with the money: It was meant to support me while I started my new path of giving soul readings.

About Charol Messenger

Charol Messenger is a visionary author, with thirteen book awards, including two international first place, You 2.0 (2016) and The New Humans (2017). Intuition for Every Day includes dozens of personal stories as well as original techniques for how to access what is inborn in everyone. Wings of Light includes how to find a lost loved one. Charol’s many inspiring books began coming to her following her auspicious shift into heightened awareness in 1975.

Charol is also a professional writer and editor. She has published 220 articles, book reviews, essays, and poetry in Canada, L.A., Denver and Colorado Springs newspapers, writers’ journals, social clubs, and college journals. Her international newsletter Global Citizen 1987-88 earned her recognition from Colorado Governor Roy Romer and author Richard Bach.

Her professional writing began in 1969 as an advertising assistant, writing copy. With a B.A. from the University of Colorado in 1985, she began full-time freelance book editing in 1994. Her 1,458 professional projects include writing 147 corporate projects (13 manuals). Freelance includes 244 books (65 memoirs, 45 nonfiction, 90 novels): 2 fully ghostwritten (expanded), 14 fully developed/rewritten, 153 substantive line-edited, and 37 Ph.D. dissertations copyedited.