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Your New Butler

by Chase Hughes

By the time you read this, you’ve already become someone new. 

Almost every problem in our lives comes from a single source, and all of our success comes from the same source: Time-traveling priorities. I promise I’ll unpack this in a sec…

Lots of people tell you they have the secret to success; some will tell you they will change your life. This chapter will. 

Imagine waking up in a pristine bedroom. You feel amazing as you sit up in bed and see that your clothes have been laid out for you. Even your shoes are in the perfect spot; laid out so that you need minimal effort to put them on. 

When you go downstairs, the coffee or tea is already set up, and your kitchen is clean and welcoming. The stuff you need for work is laid out near the door as you exit. All your to-do lists, books you need, and the phone charger that you’ve been promising yourself you’d bring to work one day – it’s all laid out for you. As you climb into your car, you see that it’s full of gas. 

You deserve this. You’ve lived long enough without it. 

One more scenario:

Imagine that for the past six months, you’ve been enjoying the lavish benefits of having a butler. Your butler has been taking good care of you; setting everything you need up for you, and even forcing you to eat the right food. The butler even paid all your bills on time, kept in touch with old friends, and helped you get those Christmas cards all sent out. They did everything just for you. What would your life look like? What would YOU look like?

About Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes is CEO of Applied Behavior Research and #1 bestselling author of five books on influence and behavior skills. 

Chase develops and teaches advanced skills in persuasion, influence, interrogation, and behavior profiling. Referred to by Entrepreneur Magazine as the ‘Jason Bourne of psychology,’ Chase teaches not only the public, but elite intelligence agencies around the world. He was named with Mark Zuckerberg in the top 40-under-40 CEO’s of the year, and was called the ‘best of the best’ by Dr. Phil. 

After 20 years of service in the US military, Chase developed the ‘6MX behavior profiling system for intelligence agencies, now known as the gold standard in tradecraft. Chase is also a trial consultant, assisting in jury selection and courtroom strategy. He’s the only trial consultant in the world to offer a 300% money-back guarantee.

Chase is also the creator of the PEACE-4A system for police de-escalation, and violence-prediction to save both the lives of officers and the public. 

Chase focuses his time now on teaching behavior skills to the public, and enhancing the way we all connect, communicate, and influence the world around us. Chase’s company motto reflects all that he does in business: ‘We rise by lifting others.’