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The Empiring Productivity System

by Christian Fea

A productivity framework program designed for entrepreneurs for large scale achievement.

In its simplest explanation, Empiring is a framework that can enable you to double, triple or even quadruple your productivity in the areas you choose. It’s a different way of approaching how you spend your time that’s associated with your current and long term visions and objectives. A system to help you decide not only what projects and visions to invest your time on for your highest accomplishments, output or ROI, but also how to stay on course, execute effectively and how to course correct when you become unfocused and break momentum.

A bit of definition is in order before we progress. A Vision is the ability to think about or plan for a future event with imagination or wisdom. A Goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort for a desired result. As we progress through this chapter we’re going to be using the word Vision as it relates to future projects, plans or our sought after outcomes. Vision thinking it’s much more impactful and relevant in our study of large scale productivity and achievement. The key difference being a Vision has to do with imagination, which is free thinking and wisdom which is based on experience and progressive improvement

About Christian Fea

After surviving many career titles over the last 25 years in 22 different industries, I’ve come to the current conclusion that what I’m best known for and where I provide the most value to clients, business owners and entrepreneurs is in the simplification of the complex. Turning complex business problems into manageable, repeatable and scalable solutions are the areas of my greatest contributions. As a result of this type of thinking, progress and experience, the theme of continual improvement strategist came to be.

My journey of improvement and how things worked started at the age of 8, when I got my first computer. It was then, that I realized I had a fascination to not only understanding how the world worked, but more importantly, why things were done in a certain way. Understanding how you get from where you are now to where you’d like to be in the future, lead me towards a direction of research and experimentation of what was possible. By constantly asking questions of why, how and what if, led me toward the study of process, or breaking down large scale problems to its smallest unit of achievement.

Today, a large part of my contribution has been around making business processes easier, better and faster to produce a better outcome. Usually in the areas of sales, marketing, revenue generation and cost containment. Ultimately, through process improvement I’ve architected business systems that have allowed my clients to generate millions of dollars in sales and enjoy a more profitable, controllable and enjoyable business experience for their partners, investors, clients and employees.