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Co-creating your divine purpose or mis-create your life into a downward spiral

My dear fellow entrepreneurs who are struggling with manifesting your desired outcome for your business into this 3D reality, you need to look at this reality as an energy wave pattern of manifestation in motion.

When you’re not in your groove, what happens?

The “appearance” of the bottom dropping out (problems occurring in your current reality) is just how you perceive your existence at this moment, because your thoughts are attached to past negative experiences.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein.

So do you want to be successful in your venture(s)? If so, you need to suspend past beliefs, detrimental experiences, and perceived failure patterns. They have nothing to do with this moment and the vision you received for the Universal Mind you came here to share with all of us. So drop the negative internal dialogue. Start moving your energy into actionable steps, towards a positive out-picturing of your inner vision for your venture(s).  When you do, you can come and share your alchemy with us all.

These instructions are for those of you who want to STOP and DROP the negative internal dialogue and beliefs, and start manifesting an a-bun-dance reality!

Here is a mental, emotional, and physical exercise for you to do every morning and night or before any activity. Sit in total stillness; if you need to play meditation, relaxation music in your ears, I would highly suggest it. The point of this exercise is to come to a deep state of relaxation so you can self-induce into a trance state or self-hypnotic state of consciousness.

I got this exercise from two of my coaches, Alan Cohen and Linda Lee. I have taken what I learned from these two and blended them. I habitually do first thing in the morning and before bed:

Do this to create/generate many beneficial white-light reality bubbles in your life! A white-light reality bubble occurs when you’re creating the outcome you desire. (A simple example: getting a parking space in front of your favorite restaurant, the restaurant is ready to serve you during peak operational hours.) Try it out as a simple exercise, and you will find this method to be astonishingly precise and easy to master.

Make these inner images of what you desire as vivid, big, and real as possible. (Like watching a 3D movie) Let your imagination flow freely, remember you are in your own holodeck. “Un-cork Your Inner Genie.” ~Sonia Novick. Life coach and mentor @!

Now imagine you are the featured star in the holodeck on a Star Trek movie. Walk to the holodeck room. Now press the buttons on the holodeck computer panel. Remember, this computer is your mind, creating an entire world you experience as real.

Make sure, before you do this exercise, you record the words below in a slow, relaxed manner with a calm voice. Then, play them back to yourself with the meditation music of your choice. Make sure to change the verbiage to “her” or “him” depending on whether you are male or female:

Get in a receptive state of mind:

Wisdom center, create positive reality bubbles from her/his inner-positive-vision with White Light around you. Radiate this white light through you, white light flowing around you and through you. White light flowing through your creative thoughts. White light flowing through your house. White light flowing throughout your day, assisting in your day being a glorious, magical day, today and every day. White light flowing through you into your life’s divine aligned purpose. White light around you and through you, White Light, White Light, White Light, White Light around you and through you! (Repeat this as many times as you need in a calm voice and along with your meditation audio recording.)

When you reach the depths of your unconscious state, at the Theta levels, you start automatically re-programming yourself for creating positive outcomes in your life as an aspiring entrepreneur.

If you still experience negative people or negative situational issues in your life, then realize the subconscious mind is still running the show. One of the quickest ways to dissolve it into the nothingness from where they came from is to make these meditation induction exercises a daily practice, so you can overlay them over the negative patterns of your past.

“Remember, where you put your attention is where your energy to manifest goes.” ~Sonia Novick. Life coach and mentor @!

The whole purpose of this twice daily exercise above is to have it become a habitual, beneficial repatterning of your mind. Which genuinely means “mind control”—you controlling your mind.  Now, your e-mo-tions truly means feelings In-Motion. Ultimately, by doing these exercises, you are shifting your physiology. Consider all positive thoughts that encompass your mind, in terms of programming it away from MONKEY MIND or NEGATIVE LOOPING THOUGHTS.

Direct where your dreams, energy, and visions go to out-picture them into your present reality.

Want to change your present reality? Get in the driver’s seat of your physical body vessel and start navigating your mind-ship as you desire by reprogramming your mind for success in whatever endeavors you want to create (i.e. better health, a better relationship with yourself, a better relationship with money flowing in, etc.).

Being that I am an intuitive spiritual coach, I have practiced metaphysical and spiritual principles for many years.  We all live on our holodeck (Reality bubbles) where we create good thoughts that turn into positive experiences—or “mis-create” thoughts that turn into bad life experiences.

Everything you think consistently or habitually is out-pictured in your 3D world. The holodeck button you pressed in the past, and habitually continue to launch, is going to be experienced in your reality!

Now that you know this universal maxim, are you going to continue allowing this negative mind programming to persist in urging the same defeatist holodeck buttons?

The Hindi Sati’s state: “A mind that has been stung by 1000 bees, ” meaning a mind that is so busy being stuck in the negative muck, knee-deep in negativity and yucky e-mo-tions, that it is filled with negative thoughts and experiences that keep repeating over and over again. Is this the holodeck you want to re-create and continue experiencing?

I am going to share a secret with you regarding this time-frame we are currently in—this 2019 year in this 3D world as an intuitive coach. Since 2012, when the previous Mayan Bactun calendar cycle ended, the reality was not that our world was coming to an end. Parts of it needed to come to an end, but this I will share with you in another post. In this timeline, what has come to an end is the control mechanism we had on our planet, slowing down our manifestation capabilities. With the magnetosphere being so vast, it slowed our Ascended Mastery here on Earth. Good news: since 2012, coincidently a serendipitous event occurred where the magnetosphere has immensely decreased its hold on Earth. Now, our consciousness, our ability to spontaneously manifest our desired outcomes, is here! My question for you is:  what are you going to choose to create into your current reality? What are you going to experience since we are now manifesting almost instantly?

Are you going to “Co-Create” with the Universal Mind what you came here as an Ascended Master to share with all of us? Or, are you going to choose to “Mis-Create” (a word I coined back in 2012 in my coaching practice) your reality?

You can scientifically check out this magnetosphere decreasing and prove this fact to yourself. Just do the research I have done on the internet about the magnetosphere. We have entered into a “Solar Minimum,” a natural cycle; and every time we enter into one, this magnetosphere minimizes itself to a vast degree. What does this mean for all of us awake, conscious beings—aka Ascended Masters?  This cycle provides a portal into creating what you desire with your holodeck mind into this 3D reality at an incredibly fast pace.

Everything you desire is coming! RELAX allow the UNIVERSE to pick the timing and the way. Trust that your desire is manifested in the unseen world. Once you realize this Universal maxim, act as if it already has happened in the 3D world and watch how fast it out-pictures itself into your reality.” ~Sonia Novick. Life coach and mentor @!

I envision you progressing on your successful journey! I am here as a catalyst to assist you in out-picturing your desired outcome. Thanks for reading this article on manifesting NOW!

Sonia Novick

Hello! My name is Sonia Novick. I am an entrepreneur, motivational coach, certified NLP Practitioner, and "Curandera – Healing Coach." I have a secret entrepreneurial formula my dad passed on to me that allows most entrepreneurs to earn millions of dollars and avoid common mistakes! My goal is to meet the demand of those desiring to learn these entrepreneurial secrets—including better health alternatives, enhanced food and wellness products by re-education of lifestyle diet, and emotional/mental reprogramming changes. Offering proven and verifiable life-changing entrepreneurial formulas, my health coaching strategies help your body and mind to work efficiently, celebrating and enhancing life instead of confusing and unbalancing the body, mind, and spirit… Besides being an entrepreneur, I am a Certified Health Coach, a health supplement formulator, and the inventor of a whole superfood product that stimulates your immune system and activates an immune-compromised system back to optimal health. This invention/formulation alone makes millions of dollars and helps health researchers, health practitioners, scientists, virologists, and millions of auto-immune compromised people all over the world to improve their healing process completely and naturally from cancer and other issues. Learn how to get rid of brain fog and activate your mind for achieving success with total health and wellness in living an A-Bun-Dace life!

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