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Life’s Journey

by Danny Kerridge

It is strange how life pushes us in certain directions when we least expect it, or in a direction that takes us completely by surprise, as was the case for me.

Not the direction I was looking for, but life showed me what I was good at, and allowed me to open up to that idea and follow through.

I found myself in the Plastics Injection Moulding arena, and over time, wrote a series of books, the latest one was written for the complete novice in the industry, giving them insights into terminologies and breaking down how plastic is injected into the mould. I also learnt that long term Technicians in this industry don’t necessarily understand what is happening in the mould when they put in place a particular fix, they just learnt what worked to fix a problem over time. To this end I have included in my latest book what is happening when you choose a particular fix. Also, Included on the back of the book is a quick ready reference guide, which can be cross referenced inside the book, detailing exactly what is happening when that particular fix is made.

So, as you can see, the complete novice’s knowledge is expanded and (long term Technicians that have put fixes in place) get an insight into why these fixes they have put in place over time have worked.

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