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Life’s Journey

by Danny Kerridge

Isn’t it amazing how the universe and actions/reactions work? When you come right down to it, the universe works in really amazing ways. How we find our way in life, is it fate, is it destiny or just a series of decisions?

Like many other people on this planet, I left school not knowing what I wanted to do, achieve or aspire to. As it ended up, I joined the Royal Navy for around four years. This instilled in me the training and dedication I would need to continue my life. Little did I know at the time, l was not happy with the course I was taking. Yes, all was professional and I learnt a trade as well as how to follow orders, etc. But again, like so many others, this just didn’t fit with what I wanted out of life.

So, I left the services. My two brothers were bus drivers; so I joined them, driving buses for the government in my local city. I was content at this, meeting the public, getting Mary or Joe to their destinations on time. It fulfilled my love of driving. But, after nine years, I started getting concerned that I wanted a career, you know, one of those things you go to every day and end up showing others the ropes—wherein satisfaction, contentment, money, assets and all life has to offer stems from.

About Danny Kerridge

Hi, Danny Kerridge here. I entered the Plastic Injection Moulding profession as an operator in the early eighties and ended up a lecturer for TAFESA in 2015. I entered a factory career as a stop-gap whilst looking for my chosen career. Funny how life points you in a certain direction.

Whilst learning my trade, I noticed that there was plenty of technical information around, in books at the time, now over the internet. Initially, one had to learn from somebody else—picking up on terminologies and the way they do things or get around certain issues. Even today, there is little for the newbie in this industry. You need to reach a certain level before things make total sense—just doing things verbatim from someone showing you the ropes. This, I always thought, opened one up to learning bad habits and traits; so, these thoughts led me towards writing a Meat-and-Potatoes (elementary) look into why and how things are done in the Plastic Injection Moulding arena. With much feedback, I have now completed an in-depth, ready reference guide with links to terminologies, tricks and fixes suitable for the newbie and the seasoned technician.