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Detoxifying the Body/Mind Connection

Just as “letting go” of feelings and emotions that do not serve us can help us move forward with a great degree of happiness, “letting go” of toxins in the body can help us think more clearly, focus our energy more efficiently, and create more physical energy than we have ever had before. This process of “letting go” of toxins in the body is called detoxification.

It’s important to get maximum needed nutrition into the system and get it processed properly. It’s equally important to get the waste products out. In America as many illnesses come from poor elimination as from poor food and other forms

of nutrition (air, water, and thoughts) intake. No matter how pure the input, the processes of life create debris. Therefore, the garbage workers of the body are as important as the farmers. In alternative medicine, we learn that good physical health starts with the bowel.

Consider diet effects. We know that our bodies work to rid the cells of carbon by-products of the cells’ metabolism. This is the source of our energy. It’s what we need to move, repair, and even think and feel with our physical bodies. Ultimately, the carbons and other waste from the cells and organs move through the veins to the lungs for disposal. Biologically, oxygen binds the carbon for expulsion thus ridding us of carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, we reintroduce it by drinking fizzy soft drinks, beer, and sparkling wines. They fizzle due to carbon dioxide. (Some also contain caffeine and phosphoric acid, both are not beneficial for the body).

We put enormous value on nutrition and proper exercise to enhance life’s quality and longevity. Meanwhile, our bodies are prematurely aging due to the buildup of toxins in our cells. These toxins are physical impurities and energetic bits of information. Mental and emotional toxins precede spiritual sickness that leads to poor physical health.

When we see cancer patients and others with serious health issues, we look for remedies that closely match their symptoms. We determine the emotional effects that parents, siblings, friends, lovers and others have left upon them. In doing this we are determining which past feelings and emotions they need to “let go” of to move to a new level of health and well-being. The death of a parent or mate can leave awful caches of unresolved guilt and grief. Whether the buried feelings are rational doesn’t affect their harmfulness to health. Unresolved emotional problems lead to self-condemnation. This creates subconscious death wishes that sicken the bodies of the people who hold these destructive notions.

We have a specific protocol to discover repressed emotions. Often they’re suppressed, and the patient has no conscious memory of them. Once uncovered, the patient forgives the offender with love, and affirms a life wish to overcome and replace the death wish. At that point their therapy and remedies hasten their cures. If these suppressed emotions aren’t drained, the remedies work much slower.

We know that different emotions affect different organs. The lungs are the organs of grief. It might be proper to say, “This has broken my lungs,” rather than “this has broken my heart.” Repressed anger can raise havoc with the liver, an essential organ involved in detoxification. Shame and disappointments can lead to kidney problems (kidney stones are crystallization of anger).

Besides the mental/emotional areas of detoxification, alternative healers use various “drainers.” Organs hold toxins. Stimulating their release with homeopathic and other natural remedies is always therapeutic.

A good course to detoxify the body and mind begins with meditating and holding an attitude of gratitude. This enhances the mind to “let go” of constant thoughts that entertain or worry us. It gives us a good countenance in time so that we smile and look forward to seeing others and applauding their success without being threatened by it. Remember that we gain no additional sunshine by making others stand in our shadows.

In the process of meditation, we concentrate on our breathing. Breathe deeply through the nose. Fill the abdomen about three inches below the navel. Then fill the stomach, lungs, and throat. Exhale deeply while contracting the abdomen. The whole process should be comfortable (not forced) so that it becomes a pleasant habit. Ten deep breaths five times a day is very detoxifying.

While in the meditative state, visualize perfect peace and realize that God dwells within you as You. See golden light spreading throughout your body with each inhalation. Then, as you exhale, “see” the impure emotions and toxins leave you, and “let go” of them. Do not be concerned about how this will work, but let the subconscious find the means to do the job.

Water’s major health problem is the bacteriostatic halogens. Chlorine is added with fluorine, which enhances the enamel on children’s teeth. Chlorine and fluorine are the lighter halogens and tend to replace the heavier ones that our bodies need. Halogens consist of fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. Bromine is chemically almost identical to chlorine and is easily displaced by chlorine, but in some tissues, the minor difference is crucial to health.

Chlorine tends to combine with calcium to form Calcium Apatite and that, not excessive cholesterol, leads to clogged arteries. (Apatite is a natural, variously colored calcium fluoride phosphate, Ca5F(PO4)3, with chlorine, hydroxyl, or carbonate sometimes replacing the fluoride. It is a source of phosphorus for plants and is used in the manufacture of fertilizers. When our bodies make it from too much exogenous chloride, it tends to stick (by ionic attraction) to the arterial walls causing turbulence in the blood stream. The body seeks to minimize this turbulence by covering it with a protective coat of cholesterol. Thus, our physicians have become confused; and improperly identify the cholesterol as the problem).

Arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular (CV) diseases are the leading cause of death in America and most civilized western countries. CV diseases were virtually unknown until we started chlorinating our water supplies. Eskimos who live on blubber in their diets had no CV illness until we chlorinated their water. To detoxify your body from the halogens; stop the source. Add filters to drinking water and shower water sources. With clogging arteries get IV chelation ASAP. At about $100 a session, it’s a huge bargain.

Food detoxifying is another matter. What might be good for you, with (say) your “O” type blood, might be slow poison to me (as a “B” blood type). However, the key to making your food work for you is eating nutritionally dense foods. Eat fewer calories with more essential fatty and amino acids, more vitamins and especially more minerals. Even if you grow your own food, you’ll have some contamination. Don’t worry about it, since our bodies are built to handle that. To clean up what the body has missed, do this for a week each season. Drink a quart of water in the morning with the juice of one fresh lemon squeezed into it. Don’t eat anything solid (but have juices and thin soups as desired) until 1:00 PM and eat nothing (ever, if possible) after 7:00 PM.

When you can, and at least a couple of times a year, see a good health care provider– preferably a homeopath– someone who will work hard to keep you toxin free. By “letting go” of toxins in the body you will be able to have a better quality of life and to create the abundant health and vitality that you deserve.


H. Thomas Cotter

H. Thomas Cotter is a homeopathic physician. His affiliations include: Chairman of Health Set Industries (manufactures homeopathic complexes), Director International Homeopathic Research Foundation (non-profit foundation underwrites alternative and complementary medicine for chronic and fatal illnesses), Consultant to Esion (Interro -- EAV-- manufacturer), Former chairman of Diversified Dental Services (largest dental chain in Hawaii), and DentaGuard (third largest health insurance company). He is currently developing new homeopathic remedy for ALS and other muscular dystrophy illnesses. He has been a student, teacher, lecturer, writer, and practitioner of homeopathy since 1981. He studied under Dr. Iben Browning ("Climate and the Affairs of Man"), Dr. John McDougall ("The McDougall Plan"), Dr. Herbert M. Shelton ("Fasting Can Save Your Life"), Dr. George Bach ("Pairing"), Dr. Francisco Eizyaga (of Argentina). UCLA, University of Texas. Thomas has authored 18 books on alternative/complementary health care. "Homeopathy in the Curing of AIDS", a best seller in syndication in 1988. Co-author with Dr. Leo Withers of "Random Disorder and the Health of Mice and Men." He has written a health column for a California newspaper and is a contributor of health care articles to various papers and magazines. He wrote the entire premiere issue of "Wellness" magazine. Thomas is launching "Friends of Hahnemann" a magazine about homeopathy.

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