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Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way

by Ed Keener

That was the motto that greeted me to my Basic Military Training Squadron, the 3707th, in October of 1988. I was 19 years old at the time riding in a blue bus along with a bunch of other fresh recruits. Most of them had enlisted in the Air Force while I chose to enlist in the Alaska Air National Guard. Even so, the same training was required. Lead, follow or get out of the way. I pondered upon those words while waiting to disembark the bus. Some people seemed naturally endowed with leadership qualities while others work overtime to develop leadership know-how; but what is it to be a great leader? What’s the “right stuff”? Some would cite a take-charge attitude, or a magnetic, charismatic personality, or one that exudes an aura of authority commanding respect of those around them. While these are certainly valuable assets for leadership, I submit that what makes a great leader is the heart of a servant.

I am a Christian. I mention this because to understand a little about who I am you must first know Whose I am. My Christian faith is an integral and inseparable part of me that influences my philosophy, thought process, and decision making.

About Ed Keener

Ed Keener (INTJ) is an entrepreneur specializing in web development for fellow entrepreneurs. He has an appreciation for network marketers and enjoys helping bring their vision to life. His family resides in Seattle (SeaTac) Washington where they work, attend church and school. Having grown up in an Air Force family constantly on the move, Ed is accustomed to changes that life brings. He has worked in serval technology fields starting with avionic electronics while serving in the Alaska Air National Guard. Through the years he’s gained experience in telecommunications, electronic banking, computer networking, and real estate. With an appreciation for creativity and technology, web design and development are a natural fit for his personality.

Ed and his family enjoy traveling abroad, going to theme parks, and RV camping in the great Pacific Northwest. His hobbies include gardening, woodworking, and watching The Flash and Eureka episodes with his teen daughter. He has varying interests which include innovative technologies, physics, astronomy, and creating the perfect beef stew recipe. 

Ed’s services include freelance web design, website hosting, and technical consultation. He is in the development phase of creating his own network,, which will provide website hosting, education, and incorporate an affiliate program for online entrepreneurs.