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Entrepreneurship is the Ultimate
Incredible Journey

by JaNelle Garner

The world of an entrepreneur is not only an incredible journey, it is a lifestyle of building amazing skill sets. In the last several years as an entrepreneur, the most important thing that I have learned is that you must be obsessed with your passion to survive the journey. My journey as an Entrepreneur started over 25 years ago and has been one of the most life-changing and educational experiences I have ever had. All of us are born with the talents and instincts to be entrepreneurs. However, not everyone understands how to achieve the goals to become a successful entrepreneur. A lot of people believe that it is too hard and thus don’t pursue their dreams.

In this chapter I will share what I have learned and hope that it will guide you to a successful journey and put you on a path to understanding how to become a more effective you. When I started my journey, I knew it was going to be about changing education.

About JaNelle Garner

JaNelle is CEO and Founder Bliss Entertainment. She holds an Associates Degree in business management and is a communication specialist. JaNelle established Bliss Entertainment Studios Inc. in 2008 after working in service industry for 25 years.

JaNelle has managed several businesses, and acquired invaluable experience with knowledge, skills and creativity that will help make Bliss Entertainment Studios Inc. successful in a relatively short time. JaNelle is the visionary and one of the creators for BLISS products, which she dedicated the last 20+ years.