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by Jeffrey Flack

The first question that is commonly asked is, are leaders born or are they made? Now the obvious sarcastic response is, of course they all are born—I’ve never known a leader to be hatched or grown in a petri dish—but leaders are made. There are certain qualities and traits that are in common among leaders such as confidence and charisma, and research has even shown height to be a genetic advantage as well, but all those things won’t make you a leader; there is much more to it than that. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs who were strong leaders in their fields. This environment not only conditioned me to strive to be a leader but gave me an innate drive that seemed to be in my DNA. I didn’t start out as a leader but, instead, was pulled toward it. Through my career in Physical Therapy I was driven to join committees and meet with CEO’s, thus sparking a fascination with leadership and making my work environment(s) the best that it could be. Through those efforts, I’ve learned from many CEO’s and great leaders in the field and have migrated toward studying leadership and making it my career to teach those who are willing to learn. In healthcare, many times it’s the best therapist or nurse who gets promoted to management. This does not necessarily make them a great leader and can lead to frustration, not only for them, but for those who are being led. It is immediately apparent, when entering an organization, by the mentality of the staff, the service received, and the attention toward quality, what type of leader it has. Leaders are made, and I’ll tell you how.

About Jeffrey Flack

Developing transformational healthcare leadership

Jeffrey Flack, Inc CEO and founder Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Teacher, Executive coaching, 2016. Master’s in science and management and organizational behavior, Benedictine 2014. BA Management and Leadership, Judson University, 1999. Developing transformational healthcare leadership.

Dynamic Executive with over 20 years’ experience managing staff and patients to desired outcomes. Visionary leader capable of defining solutions to complex patient care issues. Drives revenue growth by marketing clinical services to both physicians and clients. A transformational change agent who helps organizations transform by improving processes and interpersonal interactions. Trusted advisor on numerous health care institution leadership boards; effective group facilitator and leadership coach. Experienced in lean, Myers Briggs facilitator and worked with DISC.

A noted speaker and consultant about these and other topics of interest:

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Executive Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Teacher, Executive coaching, 2016
Master’s in science and management and organizational behavior, Benedictine 2014
BA Management and Leadership, Judson University, 1999