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Failure is Part of the Process

by Jeffrey K. Mack

To Crack the Rich Code, to me, means to become an entrepreneur; start a business, whether you have a job or not. If you have a job, great! Perhaps you’re unfulfilled in some way. Maybe you’re not making enough money, have too much stress, no time, freedom, autonomy, a hostile work environment…could be anything. One thing’s for sure. You’re reading this book for a reason. I’m not suggesting you put your family at financial risk by quitting your job prematurely; in fact, quite the opposite. Be strategic about your future, how you’re going to create it, and when you will venture out on your own as your main source of income. Bottom line, a little sincere planning, backed up with focus and perseverance, will go a long way in reaching the goals you have for yourself, your family, and your future.

Now before I go further, let me address the definition of the word “rich.” Usually that word is associated with making a lot of money, and that’s cool if that’s your goal. However, to others, living a “rich” life may mean lots of travel, time spent enjoying their kids and family, and creating memories on their own schedule. There’s plenty of people that would LOVE that. Maybe to you it’s both, or something completely different. Whatever it is, get clear on what you want, then you can make it your future reality. You’ll have to be in charge, because “rich” means you call the shots in life, and in order to do that, you’ll have to be the boss, not have a boss.

About Jeffrey K. Mack

Jeff Mack is a devoted husband, father, and thirty-year entrepreneur. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, and spending a few years in the Real Estate Development and Construction industry, he became intrigued by the world of direct sales. In his twenty plus years as a top field leader, Mack achieved Top 10 Earner status in three different companies. He was named “Most Valuable Leader” in one of those. Mack has served as an advisory board member for several large companies and has built international sales teams of over 25,000 people, resulting in total sales in excess of $250,000,000. Mack founded his own direct sales company and served as CEO for over two years. With his unique experience as both a successful field leader and running a start-up from the corporate side, Mack formed Global Growth Consultants in 2014 to utilize these talents and his knack for successful international expansion. Global Growth Consultants was established to help companies control costs, increase efficiency, and improve their overall performance while increasing revenue and growing their global footprint, simultaneously improving the experience for the reps in the field. Mack is a sought after speaker and trainer, known for his humility, down-to-earth style, professionalism, and ability to connect with his audience.