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Maybe you have dreams and goals, but somehow things are simply not moving in the direction you had planned? Or worse, maybe you’ve stopped believing that the life you’ve always wanted is even attainable?

Let me ask you. Do you see similarities between you and your parents? The reality is that DNA passes down through generations… you, your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on. You could actually track it right back to when your ancestors lived in a cave. And in order to survive, prehistoric man needed to be able to see an event and interpret it as danger or safe…immediately! They had two dominant thoughts, “kill something to eat” and “keep from being killed and eaten.” And to some degree, we still have this mechanism of recognition in place today. We just don’t view it the same way.

Something happens… and your brain stretches and searches all through your past networks… or dendrites, which are the memory channels woven throughout your DNA looking to match some sort of pattern so you can make an instant decision… is this safe or dangerous? The meaning you give something is based upon a constant comparison of your past experiences and DNA programming projected into the future with the anticipation or possibility of it happening again. Something happens and you immediately tell yourself a story about what it means. Remember, it’s a made-up story in your mind. It’s not real… yet.

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First off…the reason why our learning and application efficiency falls so quickly is because the brain needs time to process what it has learned.

By piling on too much information at one time, the brain’s working memory cannot effectively process everything, so it discards most of it.

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