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C Minus to "Dot Com" CEO

How I Found and Re-Discovered My Passion in Life

by Joel Sauceda

Have you ever heard a song, watched a movie, or caught a glimpse of something or someone that sent chills up and down your spine? Now, I’m not talking about the kind of chills you get when you hear cats fighting or receive a bad newsletter in the mail! I’m talking about the “good chills”, and this “classification” of chills often arrive with goose bumps; and, if you’re lucky, they’re the type that forge memories in our mind that we never forget. These good memories change our lives because they remind us of who you are, what we love, and in my case they’ve served as reminders that anything’s possible!

Before I dive in, try to think of the times in your life when you got these “good chills.” The times when you were 100% certain that something good was about to happen for you. Maybe you got “inside info” that the person you had a crush on felt the same, you received the letter of acceptance to the university you dreamed of attending, you heard the shout of “B-6″ for that definitive BINGO, or perhaps you were searching for the right career and something or someone inspired you enough to set you on the right path?

About Joel Sauceda

Joel Sauceda is a self-made entrepreneur who got his start in the direct marketing industry at the age of 19. Known as the “Dot Com Guy”, Joel has broken multiple records in the Online marketing & Direct Sales industry and is responsible for multi-million dollars in revenues over the past 20 years.

Joel has launched and sustained numerous Online and off-line ventures in his 21year business career. Joel is Founder of, his personal coaching & mentoring community and serves on the board of and ROYOL Music and is a partner in Cracking the Rich Code with Jim Britt & Kevin Harrington.

Joel’s been featured in numerous publications and has had the honor of meeting Prince William and Harry, and a host of famous athletes and celebrities worldwide.

Joel is the father of two talented children (Veronica 22, Joel 19).

Joel is a former Air Force Reservist and Texas Air National Guardsman and his second passion besides Internet marketing and business is supporting causes that benefit wounded warriors and their families. Joel is also an avid cyclist with a passion for health and wellness.