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Quantum Leadership using the Natural Change Model

by Joy Gilfilen

Today, the world has become massively complex and is constantly in upheaval. What is the best code I can share to help you find your riches in the middle of chaos? How can I help you relate it to the current global opportunities we have to make a quantum shift as free, enterprising people working together? I can share what I know, the best way I know how.

Introducing the Natural Change Model
I built this model specifically to help myself thrive through this kind of situation. It worked, so I have taught others, and tested it in many different social and civic situations. I have found that it helps us:

• Maintain a “pivot foot” as we improve mental agility
• Learn to swivel, build resilience and strengthen our emotional core
• Learn to focus, move fast and change course as we desire
• Keep our feet on the ground as we break through resistance
• Stay on course to achieve our dreams under pressure
• Keep it simple, so we can easily expand and contract to meet demands
• Reduce barriers in communication to achieve more satisfying results

About Joy Gilfilen

Joy Gilfilen loves helping other trailblazers to successfully apply The Joy Method: Proven Leadership Tools for Personal, Business and Civic Innovation. By mastering her quantum leadership technologies, people reach a higher degree of achievement in their business, organization or community. Joy’s models have been refined and honed over four decades of executive consulting and entrepreneurial experience.

Joy is the host of JoyTalks – a podcast series featuring community town halls where social activists work with business and civic leaders (inspired by free enterprise) to solve systemic community problems. These game-changing conversations reveal inherent fractures caused by system failures, homelessness, joblessness, poverty, mental health and drug addiction. Joy uncovers the local opportunities to transform these problems through sustainable living economies.

Joy has demonstrated a new way we can reform the jail industry with alternative health care solutions, new addiction recovery programs, apprenticeship programs, green living and new cooperative business situations.

Joy is an author, speaker, producer, trainer, and innovator. Joy’s unique aptitude is helping groups of people rise above their differences, connect at heart and discover their own hidden resources and creative potential. This makes it possible for people to quantum leap seemingly insurmountable problems to experience the power of collaboration.