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Is That My Chair?

by Karl Roller

You might be wondering about the title of this chapter, “Is That My Chair?” The reason I chose that title is because oftentimes today we find ourselves in a position where we may wonder if we deserve to be where we are? Perhaps we’re actually in a position of authority, influence or power and we don’t even feel like we deserve it. It’s kind of like looking at a chair and saying “that belongs to someone that has a certain personality trait, power or influence.” Thinking to yourself, “I don’t belong in that chair” when in fact; you do. Or, maybe you find yourself in a chair in a position of influence and you might not think you deserve to be there because you didn’t work hard enough, long enough, etc.

Do you feel that maybe some fairy dust landed on you which is the only reason you are successful or have accomplished what you have? Not to undervalue fairy dust but I can tell you we (all of us that have achieved anything of value) can all say some has landed on us.

I remember once reading that Richard Branson was asked if he felt he was lucky? His response to that question was “Of course I feel lucky. I was born in a first world country, everyone born in a first world country is lucky!”

About Karl Roller

Mr. Roller’s respected International Entrepreneurial reputation spans decades.

Early on, paper routes, mowing lawns, and giving guitar lessons provided cash-flow for the young Mr. Business-man. By age 24, as General Building Contractor, his resume’ eventually show-cased 52 multi-million-dollar custom built homes in Southern California.

Shifting business gears, the International Network Marketing Industry drew him in to appreciate a successful 35-year career!

Wearing executive hats as company owner, president and CEO of other companies also a company owner providing nutritional and skin care products at wholesale to the Network Marketing Industry. One of few networkers in the Industry successfully building and maintaining multiple business organizations simultaneously.

As a record Producer (Music), one particular cut was used to awaken astronauts on the last two shuttle missions. Also producing thousands of CD’s and DVD’s promoting and communicating his method of business training.

His business acumen and talent awarded him both the “Telly Award” and an “International Communications Award”.

A talented speaker and presenter, gifted with the ability to deliver his brand of business training and tools professionally and heart-driven. His greatest joy is inspiring people to invest in their own personal development, creating successful business leaders.