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Mastering the Real Estate Niche

by Kim Erwin

There is power in every real estate transaction which equates to money. Mastering the transaction means knowing more than anyone else in your particular market. This is what buyers and sellers are looking for when they choose whom they want to hire. Growing your niche can happen much quicker than ever before thanks to increased technology and resources to work your market.

The first thing I always remember when identifying my niche market is what Gary Keller said in his book, The One Thing: “Success is a result of narrowing your concentration to one thing.” I need to identify the one thing that stands between me and my goals, achieving extraordinary results in every transaction. This takes some soul-searching to clarify what my priorities are and my system for accountability.

About Kim Erwin

Kim Erwin has found her niche by mastering the real estate market for the last 38 years as a real estate broker. She has coached over 1,000 real estate agents in her career and has a listing and sales volume of approximately $900m. Entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with her real estate business. Effectively “working the deal” is extremely complex because of the amount of individuals that are involved in the transaction, and managing it to a successful closing is her trademark. Determined to lead the way to help consumers understand the buying and selling process, she started a radio show called “Home $ense…Where Everyone Has a Voice in Real Estate.” She is gifted with the ability to solve real estate problems while effectively communicating to those involved in the transaction while making it look effortless. In addition, she has written articles and authored books to help people maximize one of their largest financial assets, their home. Kim has received her MBA from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Doctorate in Global Management and Leadership from California InterContinental University. Island life is for her and lives life to the fullest with a God-Driven Heart.