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Transformational Entrepreneurship for Sustainability Thru Spirituality and Self Mastery

by Mache Torres-Ackerman

Transformational leadership is a challenging task to most entrepreneurs. This chapter was written with the same challenge and struggle for me since I will be citing my family business as a case study on this issue.

I grew up in a family with enterprising parents. A power couple indeed! My father was a successful customs broker and my mom was a passionate educator. After they got married, my dad asked my mom to retire as a school teacher from a prestigious school and to be a stay-at-home mom while he continues his customs brokerage business.

My mother as a true educator with a passionate heart — obviously got bored and started a pre-school business as a hobby. My dad, being a visionary and a natural entrepreneur, saw the potential of her business and expanded it. It was hard to envision the business in a country wherein schools were mostly run by the religious sectors, hence they viewed it as a non-profit institution.

About Mache Torres-Ackerman

Mache is an educator, entrepreneur, international author, transformational life coach, socio-civic leader and a philanthropist.

She is a co-owner of the family-owned business, St. James College System. St. James is a 48-year old private educational institution founded by her parents: the late Jaime T. Torres and Myrna Montealegre-Torres.

As an entrepreneur, she is the co-founder of Triumphus Inc. Fuel Experts which deals with wholesale and retail of Petroleum Products and founder of Triumphus Estates, Inc., a real estate development company.

As an international certified life coach and hypnotherapist who is best known to unleash one’s fullest potential …

As a philanthropist and a socio-civic leader, she is the founder of Mache Torres Advocacy and Leadership Programs Inc. & (TASA) -Transformational Advocacy Thru Self Awareness. She has done countless outreach activities as the Charter President of Rotary Club of Makati Business District, Philippines.

She is a co-author of THE CHANGE Book Series – 8 & 10, launched in the US, together with top international authors and power speakers Jim Britt & Jim Lutes. She is the author of “So Near Yet So Far.” “Explore The Deepest Essence of Your Being” and her upcoming book “You Are Brand New!” which will be launched soon.

Mache is blessed with five beautiful daughters namely: Mica; Bea; Cielo; Daniela and Emilia.