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Introduction to Unlocking your Treasure House

by Dr. Mariana Light, PSc. D

The story of my life even as early as my childhood has led me to search for a deeper meaning in life and ask deeper questions like: who am I actually, beyond this body and name? Why am I here? What is the true purpose of my life beyond what society wants me to believe? What is the true purpose of all life and of all existence? Why is no one able to answer these simple questions, and why are there only theories and speculations? Why was mankind created in a first place? What is this life all about? Is there more to life than what is presented on the outer manifestation by others? The many hardships I have endured led me to ask: why is it that, besides the beauty of life, that there is still so much suffering, lack, and limitation in this world when we were all created equally and in the “Image and Likeness” of our all loving and infinitely abundant Creator God? Is suffering truly necessary, and why can’t we all learn only from the points of beauty, happiness, and joy without lack and limitation? Is this possible?

I knew deep in my heart that human potential was so much greater than currently expressed on the outer, and that our Loving Creator would never make us to lack in any way—since no Supreme Intelligence, who has manifested such beauty and such intricate systems of existence and infinite ever expanding space, would ever create us to live in shortage of any good thing. I always held onto that faith, and hoped that more would be revealed to me to support my intuition and faith in God’s supplying Light and the perfection of Its gift of life.

About Dr. Mariana Light, PSc. D

Mariana Light is a Divine Minister, an Intuitive Health, Nutrition, Life and Longevity Expert/Coach, Master Herbalist since 1996, Conscious Divine Centered Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Founder of an online business—Youth Eternal Supreme, through her ARP Tech Health. Through her unique gift of clairvoyance, she helps her clients develop their own gifts via education of the 1001 Universal Divine Laws of Life, which transform lives into a Divine way of living on all aspect of one’s life, including the unlocking of your Life’s Purpose and Mission, and most importantly above all, she offers guidance in how to fulfill one’s own Divine Plan in this embodiment without fail. She is an innovative product researcher, developer, master formulator, and business consultant. Her unique innovations have blessed thousands across the world—for which she takes no credit for her outer self, but gives it all back to God and Its Christ Light. She is currently working on several health food recipe books and master self-help courses.