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Lessons Learned Along the Way

by Mark Parsekian

What is your definition of being RICH? For some people, it’s simply having lots of money. For others, it’s having fame or status. These days, many people define “rich” as enjoying a lifestyle of time freedom, health and happiness. How do YOU define “RICH”?

Whatever your answer is to that question, it is my intent to help you find ways to achieve your RICH life and be an inspiration to others.

By the end of my chapter, you will have learned what being RICH means to me and HOW I achieved the RICH lifestyle my family and I enjoy today. You will see that I am certainly not unique… My Story can easily be YOUR Story! By implementing key steps as expressed in these pages, you can be on your path to the RICH lifestyle you want and that you deserve!

About Mark Parsekian

Mark Parsekian has been a successful network marketer, business broker, consultant and entrepreneur for several decades, promoting natural science-based foods and health supplements. He has opened international markets, has built large domestic and international organizations and has served on company advisory boards.

A founding distributor and top earner in several companies, Mark is also co-founder of a Boston-based business brokering and consulting firm. He has helped companies and networkers (both skilled and neophytes) find opportunities supporting their purpose, needs and goals. Recognized for his business acumen and insight, Mark has written for well-respected publications where he shared his team-building approach to the development of successful sales organizations and his training techniques for building relationships.

As a motivational speaker, he stresses the importance of living with personal purpose, developing effective plans and taking effective actions. His openness about the “highs and lows” of his personal experiences have inspired many people to do what it takes to transform their current situation into the life they want and deserve.

Mark is a cold water swimmer and a member of the L Street Brownies and Runners of South Boston. He coached the team that built a 6-story human pyramid and 4-story human ladder wall on roller skates (listed in the 1988 Guinness Book of World Records), demonstrating that the “impossible” is possible when people unite for a cause.