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If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It

by Mark Recker

My desire to become an entrepreneur started around the age of 15. I remember helping my father set up our tractor for fall plowing. We had to clamp an extra tire onto the existing wheel for added traction. While clamping on the tire, my father pointed out that the clamps were patented by a fellow farmer who owned a machine shop and made a lot of money from it. After hearing that, I told my father that someday I would patent something too. Fast forward 20 years later, November of 1998, and I was being awarded a patent on an exercise apparatus. If you can dream it, you can achieve it, as long as you never give up.

First came the Gold Rush, and then came the Internet. During the Gold Rush, people selling the tools and supplies made a fortune, and many miners returned home empty-handed. Today, network marketing could offer one of the quickest ways to build wealth for those who wish to mine the Internet by using teamwork, leveraging, and duplication as their tools of choice. It’s important to know how to use these tools so that you can achieve network marketing success.

About Mark Recker

Mark Recker attended a year of college after high school, but was eventually drawn towards the auto industry. He applied and tested for a skilled tradesman apprentice¬ship, earning himself a Journeyman card in the mechanical trades in record time. He later thirsted for more knowledge and returned to college studying business administration.

Mark is also the successful inventor of an exercise apparatus that received a United States patent. His creativity as an out-of-the-box thinker did not stop there. He applied his talent towards building successful down-lines in network marketing. His passion for problem solving and helping others succeed has earned him respect as a true leader in the network marketing industry.

Currently sitting on the advisory board for a prominent health and wellness company, Mark actively works to market nutritional products that aid in adult stem cell production and weight loss.

Mark credits his success to the work ethic and responsibility he learned growing up on a 600-acre farm and his competitiveness in high school sports. He enjoys being in nature, relaxing on a beach, and spending time with his wonderful wife Marilyn. He has three grown children and four grandchildren.