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A Warrior’s Heart

by Marty Daniel

To say this is long overdue would have been an understatement had I not come to the understanding that everything happens when it is supposed to. I have been called to write for the last 6 months and then I get an email from Jim Britt’s team saying they were looking for a co-author who is in real estate to contribute to this book. I have learned to not question the answers the Divine Spirit gives to me once I set the intention and send it out to the universe. I am always ready to say Yes these days even when I do not understand why I am supposed to take action in a certain direction. When I have faith and throw my heart into it, I am always amazed at the result. That is because I no longer look ahead nor have expectations as to what the result should look like……that’s none of my business!

Being this is a book about entrepreneurialism I will focus my thoughts on my journey to financial freedom but first I would like to share a bit about me as I believe we connect with each by relating our experiences with one another. My childhood was less than what “Leave it to Beaver” or “The Brady Bunch” would have you believe a “normal” childhood should look like. I was born into an alcoholic and toxic family. I was taught by my father to never cry as Men do not cry. I remember having my first beer at age 5 and how it made me feel like an adult and cool. My father was a verbally and physically abusive man and his rage was something that stayed with me throughout my adult life. My brother was only 16 months older than me and an extremely troubled kid. He was on Ritalin by age 5 or 6 but that did not stop the emotional and physical abuse I suffered from him. I remember my mom in a loving way back then but I now know she was quite alcoholic at the time and later it would become more evident.

About Marty “Ocean Eagle” Daniel

After overcoming many life traumas and addiction, Marty was able to become a successful Real Estate Broker, Owner and Investor. A true rag to riches story that evolved through hard work, relationship building, trust, fearless risk taking, and a deep desire to give back what he has received. Marty lives in Elk Grove, Ca. and is raising his two children, Cade and Kennedy, who are both in high school. Ever evolving, He is active in his spiritual journey with a host of friends developing around the globe as a result. If you are called to please feel free to reach out to Marty via Facebook at “Marty-Ocean Eagle Daniel”. You can also find him by searching Marty Daniel Sacramento Real Estate on your favorite search engine.