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The Esoteric Entrepreneur

by Merrilee Sweeney

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Well, that depends on your intention. If you intend to make a lot of money, then education, experience, long hours of commitment, time management, personal sacrifice, a willingness to fail and start over, with a serious investment of time and money are the typical requirements. The acquisition of wealth will also involve a willingness to sacrifice family, health, and self. This is the probable path until you reach the level of income you’re striving for, which is more than likely never enough. Unfortunately, many never reach this level of success even after sacrificing so much. However, some do but often they find themselves at the end of their life looking back and asking what was the purpose of all the effort. What does it mean to have the degrees, position, power, accolades, and all the things money could buy if at the end of your life you don’t find true happiness?

Please don’t fret about being an aspiring entrepreneur or your pursuit of happiness. At some point, we all ponder life and its meaning. But why would someone ponder the meaning of life after they have accomplished the task of getting rich? Maybe because riches and success are not the same thing? Rich is often thought of as financial wealth. Most are looking for the secret key to unlock their financial freedom without considering the cost. They are willing to sacrifice or delay the idea of love to secure their financial footing. Success is much different. Success involves having the ability to honor and maintain loving relationships daily while building a dream. The former is a never-ending pursuit of trial and error, while the latter is a beautiful journey through time, where patience is a virtue, and gratitude brings immense abundance. For me, I have found myself in a place of gratitude every day knowing that I hold the key to my kingdom as I have made the Most High my dwelling.

About Merrilee Sweeney

She’s an imagineer, talk show host, author, intuitive relationship expert, counselor, listener, dreamer, solutions expert, and Ambassador of love. Merrilee is a force of nature, in tune, and on a mission to demonstrate and inspire the Power of Love. Her life education is what you always needed but never knew existed. Blessed with an unparalleled understanding of the complexity of life, she is lovingly referred to as the Queen of Hearts. Merrilee is the author, creator and master of “The Game,” a manual for personal empowerment and character development, providing an education in love. Her principles apply to every area of life from business to romance, casual to acquaintance. No matter the question, concern, or dilemma, love is always the answer as she describes the rules, the plays, the players and the pieces. Those fortunate enough to learn how to play are destined to experience a life of magic, wonder, and favor. The Queen of Hearts is a living example that love is always the answer.

Merrilee is available for consultation, speaking engagements, interview, and workshops.