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How do you give $1 million to charity every year?

by Mike Skrypnek

A Shift from Hoarding to Giving

During the biggest global stock market crisis since the Great Depression, my life went through a major transition. Amidst the pressures of the 2008 market losses and stresses on my investment management business, I was battling with partners who had declining businesses and poor work habits who were selfishly enjoying the benefits of my intense work to keep our income coming in and assets growing. 

A business divorce was the solution, but as in most break ups, only one party wants out, while the other holds on. So, despite being in the worst market decline in 80 years, I decided to move my business to another firm. Fear was at its pinnacle in the industry. Because of this, many of my clients were not willing to add moving to their concerns. 

No matter how much I cared, or the successful track record of our past work, it felt like I was being blamed for the global market meltdown. I was painfully being measured for what I could not control. 

I wanted more impact from my life. The economic crisis was the catalyst for me to break the pattern of “greed is good” and shift to “giving is good” by giving back during my day job, not just my evenings and weekends. 

I wrote down this commitment on the whiteboard in my office: 

“Give $1 million per year to charity”

About Mike Skrypnek


“How can I give $1 million to charity every year, while building a sustainable business and great life?” 


Mike is a transformational business coach, five-time author and international speaker. His Grow Get Give philosophy holds the keys to success that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs know. He implemented it to achieve big impact in his life and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and the millionaire next door. His powerful message of giving back and growing business to achieve personal and professional success inspires others to set big impact goals for their lives. 


For his own big impact, he helped guide affluent families redirect $12.5 million in Big Impact Giving™, to charitable causes, and is committed to help entrepreneurs grow this to over $100 million. 


With his proprietary, Mountain of Credibility™, training, Mike has trained hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs to learn how to gain top of mind positioning with their prospective customers in order to GROW their own unique business. 

Mike can teach anyone how to manage their time and their talent better to GET more freedom to enjoy their lives and their family. His bestselling book, Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life, is the perfect guide to show you how to GROW your business, GET more freedom and GIVE back.