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How to Monetize LinkedIn —Without Losing Your Shirt…

by Mike Weiss - Founder, Client Engagement Academy

Hi, my name is Mike Weiss and in the next few minutes I am going to show you “How to Monetize LinkedIn Without Losing Your Shirt!’

First, I need you to stop posting on LinkedIn – stop immediately! You’re wasting your time and degrading the platform. 

In the next few minutes, I’ll share three secrets that less than 1% of the 660,000,000 LinkedIn users are utilizing. These secrets are being used by people just like you, right now, to create consistent sales on LinkedIn. 

Ever tried monetizing social media? Dream come true? Or disaster…

If you’re in business you’ve likely heard that LinkedIn is the place to grow your network and get sales. Yet most people don’t know where to start.

If you’re like others, you may have already spent untold numbers of hours and large sums of money to create a presence on LinkedIn. Like others, you got no real return. You wasted time and money and that’s a disaster.

It means that you’re not taking advantage of the business-to-business (B2B) gold mine. It means that your product or service never gets out to the 675 million monthly users on LinkedIn. It means that your unique selling proposition stays unique — to you!

About Mike Weiss

Mike started his career in 1987 in the financial markets. He’s spent the last 15 years as a digital marketer. During the last five years he’s become a global leader in online education.

He’s made every mistake while creating and running five successful multi-million-dollar companies. He knows what’ll work for you and what won’t. Which is why he offers “done-for-you” programs to ensure your success. 

After many years of frustration and wasted money on Facebook ads, Mike ran into Gary Vaynerchuck. He said, “if you are not crushing it, right now, on LinkedIn you’re a fool.

Now, LinkedIn and referrals generate 100% of Mike’s company sales. His Done-for-you “LinkedIn Leadership Lead Generation Program” gets you leads and sales.

You can use Mike’s company to write your online course curriculum and create your content. To build your personalized e-learning website. His technology will scale your coaching, consulting, and mastermind programs. 

Some of his clients include: Digital Marketer — Ryan Deiss, Agora Financial, GKIC — Dan Kennedy, Matt Bacak, AdvantageForbes Media, Profit First, and many others.

A natural-born entrepreneur, Mike Weiss, enjoys the challenges that come with genuinely promoting change. He’s a technologist and problem solver. Yet, his true passion is helping you achieve your dreams.

When he’s not working, Mike spends time with his soulmate, Carolyne, their son Joshua and dog Lottie. They have a powerful spiritual practice which focuses on treating all relationships with human dignity.