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The Hike, The Adventure

by Missy Grohne

People love telling you what you should want, what you should or should not do and there is no way in thunder you can be a success if you buy into that. People who do not understand what you are doing or have a fear of stepping out of the safe zone of their norm will do their best to let you know you won’t succeed. But for every one of them, there are hundreds more who are ready to “take the road less traveled by” and see the difference. I have laid out plans to help guide you around the pitfalls and bogs laid by the naysayers. These are people you can distance yourself from, then you can reach the top of your potential with leaps and bounds and find the financial success you seek.

My parents always laughed when they would remember me as a baby flailing my left arm out and just saying “Noooo” when I did not want to be told what to do or conform to the norm. As I got a wee bit older I used to sometimes feel a need to take a day off from kindergarten (back then the principal was understanding) to go out into the backyard to study ants and spiders and explore the giant world of my backyard. Such treasures there were to be found and the occasional bumps and scrapes were badges of honor. This was something I wanted to do and I was not told I could not do it. Curiosity and a sense of adventure into the unknown was a part of me and I am sure I tried experiments on ants that may be frowned upon today by the Save the Ants foundation.

About Missy Grohne

Missy is an adventurer at heart. She loves to explore, to ponder and experience each day to its fullest capacity. Her journeys never cease. She has had the opportunity to travel the world experiencing various lifestyles, foods and challenges. Her spirit goes with the wind allowing her to enjoy jobs from sailboat bum, school teacher, adventure guide, voice over artist, film maker, laser consultant and network marketer extraordinaire.

Missy was born in Illinois and grew up in “The Swamp”, as the family referred to the creek in the backyard.

She now lives in New York City with an attack bird and enjoys hiking in the Catskills, Broadway shows, sailing, and finding the out of the way quirky shops hidden in the most fun places in the city.