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Head First

by Moe Falah

I’m the last guy you would expect to find heading a multi-million-dollar startup at the age of 25. I don’t have an MBA, rich parents, or even a college degree. That’s why I want to share exactly how I did it.

To me, wealth means freedom. I watched my parents struggle and saw how my dad had absolute power in our house because he was the one with a paycheck. 

From childhood, I was obsessed with making money. But none of the schools I attended taught me how to do that. So where could this knowledge be found? 

In this chapter, I’ll share how I found the answers that allowed me to succeed, and my top three lessons about how anyone can attain their goals using a simple formula.

I know that the advantages of my early life — some of which don’t look like advantages, such as being the target of racism, or getting robbed at gunpoint — helped me get to where I am today. 

Being forced to be self-reliant taught me to plow through obstacles. And every time I realized how fragile my comfortable life was, I found a way to do better.

About Moe Falah

Moe Falah is fortunate to be living his dream: establishing wealth by mentoring others in the skills and mindset needed to better their own circumstances while connecting customers to products that make the world a better place. He discovered his gift for sales – which he says is related to his being voted “Most Talkative” in his high school yearbook – at the age of 21.

Now 25, Moe is the CEO and founder of Simple Solar – a solar panel sales startup which grossed over $25 million in sales in its inaugural year of 2020. Moe’s biggest joy is helping his salespeople exceed industry standards while watching them succeed personally, professionally, and financially. Everything he does revolves around the pride he feels in watching his team grow and excel.

As soon as Moe heard about the benefits of solar panels for his customers, their communities, and the environment, he knew that this product was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He’s since used his gift for sales to train wildly successful sales professionals and help thousands of California families switch to solar energy.