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by Monica E. Griffin

You must believe in yourself to be the best version of You possible. That is the first step to a healthy mindset. Along with being the best version of yourself, comes an open mindedness that accepts criticism to help you grow and succeed and stop looking at obstacles as obstacles; Embrace those obstacles, look at them as challenges. Look at obstacles as a lion sees its prey. Take charge, run after them, pounce on them…even rip them to shreds and show the challenge what you are made of! 

I believe, because of this mindset, elevating yourself to the rich status you desire is more than just a strategy. Constantly finding myself pushing limitations and thinking outside of the box, and never allowing the word, ‘No’ to get in the way of my end goal is my way of being a lioness in the world we live in. To get to the top, a person will sometimes be labeled as ‘Rebellious,’ ‘Selfish,’ or even ‘Careless.’ These labels are misleading to the untrained ear; they are statements we should perceive as empowerment.

When you think of a rebellious individual, what comes to mind? Maybe that they do things differently than they are told to? Or possibly those people take the road less traveled because they do not want to be told what choice to make? Being a rebel to me means I do not go by the code or rules that are applied by the textbooks. This nature is more along the lines of thinking, “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

Many people make the mistake of thinking selfish individuals are only concerned about themselves. That is inaccurate. Selfish people know what they want and have a plan of how to achieve it. This does not mean they step on others to get what they desire, need, or choose. These people can recognize what brings happiness to their lives and what does not. In my experience, these people are the ones who see a vision of success clearer than that of their peers.

About Monica E. Griffin

Hi! I’m Monica Griffin. My friends and family call me Mo. I lost my father when I was 11 years old. It wasn’t an easy transition. By the time I was 18, I had lost six friends and experienced traumatic car accidents; 5 of my friends were in one horrific accident. Since the time I was 17, I knew I wanted to change the world; I just didn’t know how, or even if I could. 

Three years ago, I was introduced to life coach certification where I was able to utilize all of my life experiences, traumas, and griefs; I was finally able to use my experience being a survivor of rape and sex trafficking, to help others presently with their own lives. Becoming a life coach was my dream come true, even before I understood what this title meant. 

Now at 30 years old, not only do I have my own brand called Mo Life, I’m also a partner with a holistic medical clinic that specializes in integrated medicine. Mo Life is going to be more than a brand. It will be a movement to teach others how to genuinely love, understand, and appreciate themselves in their environment. I’m so proud of what Mo Life has become, and am even more excited to know there is much more to grow and succeed in.