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The Power of Tent Making

by Phil R. Mills

In society today, it is quite common to find that most individuals are working a job or in a career that was the result of a chosen path that was easiest, had the least resistance, looked the most glamorous or highest paying at the time, or part of a chosen educational and career choice dictated or sold to them as being in their best interest.

In speaking to youth and young adults, it is an eye opening experience for them when I share and communicate the facts and statistics regarding how common it is for students to not have a chosen career path or major prior to college, and to change major’s multiple times during college, and then to ultimately end up in a career or job that really has nothing to do with the degree earned. These statistics reflect the fact that it is very rare for young adults to know exactly who they are, what they want to do, and who they want to become, and to already be down a path in thought, planning, and action. Thus, it’s really a matter of trial and error and evolving forces that leads them into the ultimate wage-earning job and career.

About Phil R. Mills

Phil R Mills is a dedicated husband and father, and a self-motivated and accomplished business professional, with extensive industry experience in the areas of Leadership, Coaching, Business Management, Technology, Data Communications, Sales, and Personal Growth & Development. Currently, he serves as a Sales Engineering Manager in the arena of Digital Communications focused on continued growth of his Leadership and Technology skills within his role of leading a team of Pre-Sales Engineers in the daily activities of supporting a Regional Sales office.

Phil has a proven track record of setting goals and achieving them; as he holds two master’s degrees: one in Business Administration and one in Project Management. In addition, he is a licensed Insurance Agent, and currently is both a Certified John Maxwell Team Coach and a Certified Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach. In his spare time, Phil is using his Talents, Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom in Entrepreneurial endeavors of providing value to others through public speaking engagements and coaching services, in which he has developed a highly structured and thriving Success Awareness Coaching Program.

As part of his extracurricular activities in Coaching, Public Speaking, Teaching and Writing; Phil is incorporating key learnings and life lessons from personal experience and failures, to help others in their own personal journey of self-discovery, personal growth and development, financial planning, and goal achievement.

Stay tuned, as Phil has many “irons in the fire” and there is guaranteed future work and offerings to be on the lookout for