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Why Love is Always the Answer

by Princess Merrilee of Solana

In book one of Cracking the Rich Code; The Esoteric Entrepreneur, I made a point to illuminate the obvious, however these subtly esoteric personality traits that are often taken for granted. Either you have it or you don’t, right? Maybe? When we have the self-awareness to consider and reflect on what we’re missing, we can absolutely change the fabric of our personality. We need only make a decision and hold ourselves accountable to our commitment. 

The question becomes, do I want to be described as having these types of qualities? What a valuable question. Self-awareness is the key to abundance. The next step in creating your abundance will prove to be magical should you decide to make a commitment to its fulfillment. Unlike working hard for every dime and being exhausted from the struggle that most are trained to follow, you can take a different route that’s more user friendly and aligned with universal laws. The following stories depict two very different ways of living. Both are very true. How you get to the end of your treasure depends on which story resonates with your heart. Please consider carefully as each day is a gift that requires purposeful contribution. 

About Princess Merrilee of Solana

A leader in love. Miss Merrilee is an author, imagineer, intuitive relationship expert, counselor, listener, dreamer, and solutions expert. She’s a force of nature, in tune and on a mission to demonstrate and inspire the Power of Love. Her life education is what you always needed but never knew existed. Blessed with an unparalleled understanding of the complexity of life, she is lovingly referred to as the Queen of Hearts. Miss Merrilee is the author and master of “The Game,” a manual for personal empowerment and character development where love is always the answer.

Princess Merrilee of Solana is recognized by the state of Grace and holds the appointed 8 Point Star Sheriff’s badge crowned with the Republic, 8-point star St. Patricks’s Commercial Trading Bank Flag under the Kings Bench Magistrate Court Authority. She is ambassador to all countries and islands appointment. Princess Merrilee of Solana is Queen of Camelot.