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Reinvent Your Money Mindset

Once again that uncomfortable feeling pays a visit, but this time you can’t close the door and just ignore it. The discomfort that you are feeling is with yourself. You feel like your life does not fit you anymore, and maybe it hasn’t for a long time.

But do you dare reinvent yourself? Do you have the courage to take the necessary steps to let go of the person you are today, and used to be, so that you can blossom into the person you have always wanted to become? This can sometimes feel scary because you have to let go of attachments to the past, and what was, in order to reinvent the new you.

If you are up to the reinventing yourself and ready to travel along a new path to where you have never been, now is the perfect time to get started, and I want to help.

The process of reinventing yourself is very empowering. You might not realize it yet, but you do have all it takes to truly ignite change. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. The first thing you need to do is take a look at yourself. What do you want to change about yourself?

Since you are starting over so to speak, if you are going to dream, might as well dream big. Think of yourself as an author who is writing your new life story. You are limited only by your imagination.

Before you start reinventing yourself, you have to at least know what you’re working with and what you want changed. The more specific you are, the better. This will give you direction and allow you to focus on the right things.

If you ask someone what the most important thing in their life is, most often they will answer “family” or “their health.” But is that actually true?

When you look at where the average person spends most of their waking hours it is focused on making money, so money must be the most important area for most.

So, what’s the secret to incredible financial success? The secret is, there is no one secret! The reality is there are many “secrets” that work together in combination with one another— giving you the winning “combination” to succeed!

Think of success like a giant vault at the bank with a thick steel door blocking it and a combination lock. Unless you have the right combination to that lock, it doesn’t matter how much you beat on the door, how hard you work, how many lists you make or good intentions you have, because there is a combination you must know to unlock that door and get it to swing open so you can walk through to the other side. In this report I’ll be sharing a couple of those success secrets with you… some straight-talk keys that make the difference between struggling your whole life in frustration, or becoming wealthy.

Many years ago I met a very wealthy person and I asked what inspired him to be wealthy? His answer really surprised me. “money is a game and the man with the most notches on his belt wins.” I was shocked! I was a young man at the time and having grown up without much I wanted to become wealthy. Yet after hearing this person’s response, I looked deeper into his eyes and frankly, he didn’t seem all that happy and the sense of lack of balance in his life was apparent. He was out of shape and had a look in his eyes of anxiety, loneliness and anger. I could tell that he had stepped on a lot of people to get to where he was.

How about you? Do you think that being financially wealthy takes putting yourself first and tramping over those that get in your way? Do you think that being wealthy means putting the lust for money ahead of everything else? On the other hand, I’ve met very wealthy people who give back to their community, have large circles of friends, and always seemed to be abundant in so many other ways.

In fact, a year or so ago I took a camera crew around the country and interview 11 self-made mega millionaires and one billionaire. The requirement was that they all had to have started with nothing. In other words, they didn’t inherit their wealth. And all 12 made their money in different industries…internet marketing, traditional business, real estate, television, direct sales, social media, etc. If you asked any of these twelve individuals the same question you’d likely get this sort of answer: “wealth is simply a vehicle that magnify your deeper personality traits and mindset.”

The following is what I have learned from my own experiences and the experiences of these 12 mega-millionaires and others I have associated myself with over the past 40 years.

Wealth is the ultimate power of leverage. Nothing is truer about becoming and deciding to become wealthy. It is a magnifying glass into your money mindset.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply decide to become wealthy and you did? Well, let me fill you in on a big secret…you can!

You already know the basics. You know that you should pay off your debt and start budgeting. You know that all you need to do is regularly invest money into your savings and let time do the work. Spend less, save more, build your investment portfolio…you’ve heard it time and time again. Then why aren’t you on the way to becoming wealthy?

There are many reasons that people don’t take action, even though they have the information. The reality is that so many people are just simply afraid to change. Fear takes a lot away from a person. They don’t want to fail but when you buy into fear it will take you down that path.

Here’s one key to the vault combination lock. For things to change for you financially, you have to make a change, otherwise you’ll continue to keep producing the same results you’ve been producing. This may come as a shock to you, but most people really don’t want to change. Just give them a beer, point them toward the sofa and give them the television remote. They will continue to complacently live out their lives.

Most people are much too busy earning a living to become financially free. They spend the majority of their time focused on what they don’t have and what they don’t want, on how to pay the bills, instead of focusing on what they do have and what they do want in their lives.

I know people, as I’m sure you do, that love having the drama of being up to their ears in debt. It’s a balance beam that keeps excitement in their lives. It’s a roller coaster ride that is thrilling but always drops them off at the same place time and time again. But at such a huge cost! What they don’t realize is that they can’t maintain their balance or thrill forever. At some point you have to decide where to get off.

One of the things I discovered in my 40-year career is that successful people think differently, and they do things that the majority of people are not willing to do. Most have been conditioned to believe that creating wealth is difficult, or that it’s only for the lucky few.

They convince themselves that “someday” they are going to be a success, to start their own business, to make a financial plan for their future, to have all they want in life…someday.

Someday…what an interesting concept. Think of all the things that were supposed to have happened by now…that someday that you may have convinced yourself was just around the corner. To most, that someday is where we’ve convinced ourselves we would be right now, if only we had more time, more talent, more education, more money, or maybe a better opportunity available.

Before going any further, I would urge you to stop right now and take a realistic look at your last five years. Have you truly made progress? Are the last five years what you wanted? Are you where you thought you’d be today financially? And, most importantly, do you have a solid plan for the next five? Too many people like to complain, but just don’t want to make the effort. They don’t have time. They’ll do it next year. Let me tell you, you have to find time to get your financial situation in order if you want to gain wealth. Time is costing you money. The more time you spend trying to pay off credit cards, the more you pay the credit card company and contribute to their wealth.

I’m not saying to ignore your financial obligations. What I’m saying is that paying off your credit cards, although a good place to start, will not bring you wealth. Why? Because after you pay them off you are still left with the mentality that charged them to the max in the first place.

You can have all the money you want. It just takes learning and developing the traits that rich people use, and some time to make it happen. If you want to change your financial situation you have to reinvent yourself, because the old you won’t cut it.

To become wealthy, you will need to develop some vital traits. Let me offer you the number sequence to the vault.

First is a firm decision to become wealthy. Wealthy people you’ll find make solid decisions and commit to seeing them through. Those who are not financially successful put off decisions or mess around with their decision once it is made.

Mediocrity cannot be an option. A decision creates a mindset, and a mindset makes you as mechanical and predictable as a calculator. Hit this number and it appears on the screen.

I’m not talking about deciding “how” to make the money. Decision comes first, then the how to.

It’s really surprising though how many people fear making that decision. They do all sorts of things to keep the moment of decision at arms-length including: Gathering more data. Getting ready to get going…as soon as…talking to more people.

Getting other’s opinions. Fretting over who the decision might offend. Worrying about the resources needed to pull off the decision. Or hoping they’ll just get lucky and make the money they need without making a decision, etc.

The real problem is that most are stuck in a comfort zone and making a decision would possibly mean having to do something different that might be a bit painful. That’s a decision we all face…the pain of staying stuck in our current situation or the pain of change. Most people would rather live with the “old you” for fear that becoming the “new you” would be too painful.

If that’s you, then you can click off now.

Let’s say a person makes a decision to be wealthy. What happens next when the old programs, the old habit patterns and mind chatter kicks in? “wait a minute! What makes you think you have the talent to become wealthy?’ “I’ve never done it before! Maybe i really can’t become wealthy.” “i don’t have the expertise, time, money, etc. To become wealthy.” And before long all the “self-talk” has pulled you off course and changed your decision into something totally different from becoming wealthy.

I remember Hal had created a hair care line to go into drugstore chains. He had the connections to get it into the stores across the country. However, after months the line just wasn’t selling.

Instead of just giving up, a business associate convinced him that he should sell it on a TV infomercial. This was one of the first, if not the first, TV infomercial ever produced.

So nobody knew if it actually would work.

Hal was a decision maker and a doer, so he said let’s try it. That decision turned into over $200 million in sales that netted him almost $100 million.

The point is, he could have given up with his first attempt.

One of the mega millionaires I interviewed went bankrupt three times and today has a net worth of over $500 million My point is that you don’t give up just because one approach to becoming wealthy didn’t work. There are thousands of ways to become wealthy, but without a wealth mindset nothing happens.

Remember this: every income level requires a different you. You have to reinvent yourself for each new income level. You have to be willing to let go of the “old you” and embrace the challenge of becoming the “new you.” And, if you want to learn, grow and change, you have to hang around people that challenge you to become better.

If you want to become a million dollar a year earner, but yet you hang around and take input from people earning $60,000 a year, you’ll likely to be right where they are financially.

I know people, as I’m sure you do, who go to work every day to a job that they hate.

They hate what they earn and/or what they do, but they stay because they feel they have no other choice. They justify their position by calling it job security. But what they don’t realize is that there is no security in a job! It’s called prolonged poverty in my book! It’s like living in a place you hate but you’re afraid to move because of your job.

Then you lose your job and can’t afford to move, so you look for another insecure position that will keep you in the place you hate. That’s a sort of insanity, don’t you think? What would i say to a person in that position? “if you want to get better, you have to make better decisions, and you have to hang out with and take input from those who’ve done it.” I would say “if you want to be rich, you have to stop working for someone else’s goals and dreams and make a decision to start working for your own. You have to stop with the employee mentality, reinvent yourself, and start thinking like wealthy people think.” The first step is to make the decision, one that doesn’t allow for anything less. Up until the decision is made nothing happens…except, of course, the decision to stay where you are now. In reality not making a decision is a decision to leave everything status quo.

The next trait all wealthy people have in common is that they are bold. Financially successful people have learned that action is vital. And often times that requires a level of boldness. They know that procrastination kills. They live with the reality of consequences and know there will always be uncertainty in decisions, but they boldly step forward and make the decision anyway.

No one can see all possible ramifications; no one can predict every contingency; no one can absolutely prevent failure. The wealth minded person knows that failure is not final, it’s just one of those possible outcomes that happens on their way to success.

The real danger surrounding decision making is not “will I make the wrong decision” but “did I make the best decision possible given the facts and circumstances.” success minded individuals invest in learning what they need to make the correct decisions from those who have done what they want to do.

But, when it comes to investing in mentorship, so often i hear people say “I can’t afford it.” “it costs too much.” When in reality they can’t afford not to.” And without mentorship, it costs way too much! Wealthy people look at value not cost. What will the investment make them rather than what it will cost them? The real question is, “what do you really want?” Are you just dreaming about success or standing on the sidelines observing other people’s successes and wishing you had what they have? Do you justify why you aren’t financially successful? Or are you bold enough to step out in the spotlight and take center stage before you have all the answers? The real questions are: “do you really want to be rich?” “do you want to retire wealthy?” “what would financial success look like to you?” Most people have never defined what financial success would be for them, and they’ve never made a decision to have it.

And that’s the only reason they don’t have it! The two most important question that you can ask yourself is, “have i defined what financial success means to me? And two, are you basing your future financial success on past experiences? How you answer that question can change your life! Often times there is a feature in the investment section of some Sunday local newspapers. It’s a success story column on people who’ve made it big financially in a respective business. You can also find those stories in magazines like entrepreneur or INC. You’ll find stories of individuals who have carved out a niche for themselves in selected fields, lived a fulfilled life serving others with their skills and amassed quite a fortune while doing so. You’ll always find one common trait in all the featured personalities. Not one of them. Not some of them. But this trait is in all of them! It’s called a “wealth mindset.” Despite the fact that they’re from different backgrounds, all of them possess the same mindset when it comes to money. Wealthy people think differently. This is the infamous “money consciousness” that most of the motivational and personal development trainers speak of so often in their books and seminars.

This wealthy mindset basically means this: Regardless of the physical condition that you may be currently in, as long as you see yourself bathing in financial abundance, your actions will maneuver and circumstances will unfold in a way to create the wealth that you see yourself enjoying. If you possess the wealthy mindset, you will have the “midas” touch when it comes to earning money. If you don’t, you won’t. That simple. The fortunate thing is, all of us possess the innate ability to fire up this wealthy mindset. But the key is letting go of the old you and holding true to the new you that you want to become. First is making the decision to be wealthy.

Second is being bold. Next, is letting go of your limiting beliefs about money and changing how you relate to money.

Some people frown at the mere mention of money. How many times have you heard people say something like this: “oh, I’m not doing this for the money” or “money isn’t everything.” Well, they’re not wrong. Money isn’t everything. The fact is that money in itself has no value. It’s the things that money can buy when in circulation that makes it so valuable. Money can buy material possessions, personal freedom, and we all deserve to have what we want.

At the same time, if you look from a different angle, once you’ve got enough money to be financially free, it can literally change what you do from laborious work to spending more precious moments with your family and friends as well as doing the things you love.

In essence, if you never come to terms with what money can bring forth into your life, its real value, your uneasiness with the “idea” of money, it will limit your ability to create more of it.

To put it simply, just imagine this: would you go into a car showroom if you’ve never had the intention to purchase a car? You may not want to buy it now, but the fact that you walked into the showroom implies that you appreciate the value of what a car brings. It can serve as a means of transportation for you and your family. And because of the perceived value you see to owning a car, you’ll find the means and ways to get one.

Having money is the same. Once you see its value and believe you can have it, you’ll find the ways and means to getting it.

Remember, you can’t create something that you’re not in harmony with or that you haven’t decided to have. Therefore, it becomes imperative that before you move onto other steps to really get this wealthy mindset concept. You should definitely have a conversation with yourself, or someone that can mentor you, to let go of the beliefs that’s limiting you about money.

Having money means…finish the sentence… What came up? Do you feel your answer will move you toward being wealthy? Answer these questions: Why do you deserve to be wealthy? What do you believe about money? How did you come to believe this? Who taught you to believe that way? Were they wealthy? Who taught them? Is my money mindset based on past experiences or beliefs? The only way to change a belief is to challenge it. A belief is something that you have decided is true…it may not be at all. A belief is simply a decision that something is true.

The good news is that you can change a belief simply by changing your decisions and letting go of the old you.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to first decide to be wealthy. Whatever being wealthy means to you. The next combination to the vault is to decide “why” you want to be wealthy. What’s the payoff for wealth? Your “why” is the fuel that will take you where you want to go. It’s the passion behind the decision.

Everyone has the right to be wealthy. You have the right to be wealthy….and yet, most allow a temporary lack of money to eat into our minds, literally confining them into the vicious cycle of mediocrity.

The bottom line is that people are poor because they have not yet decided to be wealthy. To put it another way…mediocre earners are mediocre earners because they have decided to be.

So long as you make a conscious decision to become wealthy and have utmost faith that you can achieve it, and you let go of your outdated beliefs about money you will act accordingly to what you believe. Why not say “yes” to getting wealthy today! And say it with conviction.

Deciding to be wealthy only gets you started on the quest but what sustains you throughout the journey is the “why” you want to be wealthy and letting go of the mind chatter that pulls you back into your old habit patterns.

What is the reason that you want an extra $1 million in your bank account or you want to earn a million dollars a year? If you do not have a burning desire supporting your decision, and you don’t let go of your old way of thinking and believing, you’ll find your inspiration tapering off sooner and your decision fading into something totally different to being wealthy.

That’s the trap that most everyone falls into.

Try this exercise. Take a piece of paper and scribble down all the reasons that you can think of why you want to be wealthy. Maybe you’d like to retire earlier and travel around the world? Or you want to quit your job and be a full time parent? Write down as many why’s as you can think of. Needless to say, the one that resonates with the deepest part of your heart should be written on an index card to remind you of the outcome you desire.

You’ll also want to determine what wealth is to you. How much you want will inadvertently determine the action that you’ll need to set forth to reach it.

Wealth can be whatever you say it is. For some it might mean 10 million in the bank.

For others it might mean having enough residual income coming monthly to completely cover their overhead. For example, if it’s $5,000 per month that you’re looking for, working in your existing job and going for a raise in pay might suffice. However, if $100,000 per month is what you intend to achieve, other alternatives such as starting your own business, investing in properties or working on your “skills sets” to better serve the marketplace will probably be more effective. More importantly, knowing how much you want prepares your mind for the potential issues you may face to make that happen.

The challenge therefore becomes: how do you know how much you want? Arbitrarily quoting a figure will probably do you more harm than good. If the amount you pull out of the sky is much higher than what you really want, your approach to acquire the wealth may not be in harmony with your “why” and you may end up burning yourself out. In the event that the amount is lesser than what you really want, then you’ll find yourself re-adjusting your “why” which may not inspire you to keep going. Again your “what” your “why” and your “mindset” needs to be in harmony.

Suppose you want to get from point “a” to point “b.” There’s route 1, route 2, 3 all the way to infinity. When you believe that there’s only one way to get there it limits your possibilities. When you are totally open to how to get there, the mind starts considering the many options and may prompt you to act on one of them that you haven’t even thought of before. Along the way, your wealthy mindset may allow you to recognize different opportunities, encouraging you to change course and go through a totally different experience than originally planned.

I remember Steve who attained wealth in a totally different manner than expected.

Initially, his plan was to market his own music compositions through conventional methods. But he instead stumbled upon online internet marketing and embarked on an unconventional route to becoming an internet millionaire. It was not an easy route as he had to juggle learning about the new internet marketing model of which he knew nothing about while still working a full-time job. But his burning desire to be rich got him through the hurdle to financial freedom.

Start to imagine yourself as already having wealth. Before you physically acquire the wealth that you’ve envisioned, you need to own it as if you already possess the amount of money that you desire! How would you feel right now if you were wealthy? What would you be doing differently? How would your life be different? How would your day unfold? Start to “own” the result of your wealth now! The subconscious mind is unable to differentiate between actual possession and mere visualization. So by imagining that you already have it, you’re encouraging your subconscious mind to seek ways to transform your imaginary feelings into the real thing.

I know many people refute this type of thinking as impractical. But if you think about it, isn’t everything around us a true manifestation of someone else’s imagination? Everything man made was in someone’s imagination before it was created. And when they possessed the passion to create it, the ways and means appeared. The wright brothers imagined being able to fly and the reality is, we are now able to fly in an airplane from one country to another in a matter of hours. Thomas Edison imagined lighting the whole room using a single source and as a result, the light bulb was invented! Yes, it took a few tries, about 10,000, but eventually he created it.

Look around right now. If you are in a room, look at all the things in that room that made someone wealthy. Why not you? Take a walk outside and look around. How many things do you see that made some else wealthy? Why not you? It all started in someone’s imagination. They owned it first in their mind before it became a reality. It’s a fact that without the imagination of great visionaries, we would not be able to enjoy many things that we enjoy today. Radio, television, automobiles and thousands of other great inventions we would not enjoy today if not for someone first imagining it into existence. Decision comes first, then the answers! You too possess the same capability to create, improve your own destiny by constructing it in your mind first. All improvement in your life begins in the improvement in your mental pictures. Change your mental pictures and you change the outcome of your life, like changing a movie in a DVD player.

For example, you can imagine receiving income checks when you open the mailbox every day. Or you can picture yourself receiving an award for being nominated the best entrepreneur in your country or having a best-selling book. Not only does it send the message to your subconscious, it serves as a great form of daily inspiration.

It is absolutely essential to have a crystal clear picture of what you want to accomplish before you begin. If you want to attain wealth you must learn to operate with a sharply defined mental image of the outcome you want to attain.

Focus your attention on the spot where you want to land, not on where you are now, or on any misconceptions or shortcomings you may think you have. In other words, visualize your arrival and you’ll develop a magnetic harmony with the ways and means required to get there. Solutions will begin to appear and obstacles will seem to disappear. Answers will come to you. People will show up to support you in your endeavor. Look at the end result as something that you are already prepared to do, you just haven’t done it yet.

Think about this. Your success is something that you have been preventing; it’s not something you have to struggle to make happen.

You’ll find the solutions taking you toward your goals will come to you in the most unexpected and sudden ways when you let go of the old you, reinvent yourself and embrace the new you.

You don’t need the perfect plan first. What you need is a perfectly clear decision about your success and the right mindset, and the ideal way to get you there will materialize.

You can’t get all the answers up front so don’t waste your time trying.

The success formula doesn’t involve getting everything neatly organized, with everything in its proper place and sequence and all the risks eliminated before you make the move. If you want that then get a 9-5 job, but realize that will never make you wealthy.

Get a target…point, then take action! Your true greatness lies within your ability to decide what you want and commitment to having it, and then taking bold action to get it.

The world you have perceived in the past is the world you now live in. The world you perceive now is the world you will create in the future. And the world you create is limited only by your imagination, your mindset and your ability to let go of the old you and reinvent the new you.

Everyone has the right to be wealthy. You have the right to be wealthy. Yet, most allow a temporary lack of money to eat into their minds, literally confining them into the vicious cycle of mediocrity.

The bottom line is that people are poor because they have not yet decided to be rich. So long as you manage a conscious decision to become wealthy and have the utmost faith that you can achieve it, you will act accordingly to what you believe.

We create our own reality. A person who believes that the universe is abundant and they can attain whatever level of financial success they desire…and a person who believes that money only comes from working hard and will receive money only from hard work…are both right. Each will have many experiences to prove that their “belief” about abundance is a “fact.” The good news is though…you can change your belief and therefore change what your experience.

Jim Britt

Jim Britt

My approach to personal development are designed and presented with everyday life in mind, and with an approach that will have the highest overall impact in all areas of your life, allowing you to be the best you can be, accomplish more in less time and erase the blocks that stop your success. First off…the reason why our learning and application efficiency falls so quickly is because the brain needs time to process what it has learned. By piling on too much information at one time, the brain’s working memory cannot effectively process everything, so it discards most of it. My Live Life @ Level 10 program is a systematic approach to making radical improvements in your life, with small bite sized input, and at a price everyone can afford.

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