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The Hidden Secrets of Neuroscience that Dissolve, Relationship Conflicts, Business Stress, Over-eating, Habitual Discouragement and Worry, Fear of Failure, PTSD and Addictions

by Dr Ron Jahner

6 Weeks to Live

My father was diagnosed with extensive metastasized bone cancer in the mid-1970’s. It had invaded all the major bones of his body. His doctors gave him 3-6 weeks to live and a prescription for all the morphine he wanted. Then they sent him home to die. He was just 40 years old. 

My father stubbornly insisted he wasn’t going to die a “drug addict” and so we began a search for alternatives, certainly not a cure, which we had been told was impossible. We simply were looking for anything which might help control the terrible pain he was suffering without being drugged all the time.

At about the same time my father became ill, I had begun to experience severe symptoms of what we now know to be severe case of Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) along with severe neurological disorders and cardiac dysfunction. Perplexed doctors told me repeatedly that, although they did not know why I was so sick, I probably had only a few years to live. I was just 20 years old.

Actually, my father did die, just recently, some 46 years after that terminal prognosis. Dad passed peacefully in his sleep cancer free for over 40 years! And I live a full life lecturing and teaching with a busy consulting practice.

About Dr Ron Jahner

Ronald Jahner has been recognized as a National Board-Certified Naturopathic Physician (ANMA) with a Diplomate in Acupuncture and a Diplomate in Addiction Medicine. He is a Licensed Acupuncturist (MT) and on the faculty Of the American College of Addictions and Compulsive Behavior Disorders. 

Ron has over 40 years of personal and professional experience in applying the universal principles of health and spirituality for mastering life challenges. He has participated in over 5000 hours of postgraduate training and education in health and vitality enhancement and now holds numerous certifications in a variety of medical disciplines including functional neuro-kinesiology, clinical nutrition, orthomolecular therapies, mental health, oriental medicine, pharmacology, homeopathy and botanical medicine. He has extensive experience in hospitals and medical clinics collaborating in the development of integrative medical protocols for metabolic management of chronic health issues.

Dr Jahner currently focuses on teaching & mentoring executive mastery. 

He is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (CAd) specializing in Emotional Trauma Resolution and neuroscience-based Personal Development Coaching. 

He is also a Certified Health Coach working with international colleagues to combat the epidemic of obesity, eating disorders and the co-occurring health issues associated with them.