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Cracking the Code to Being Rich

by Ryan Renick

Successful people do not all have the same story, but they do have a similar way of how they go about their life in order to achieve their level of success in one way or another. Throughout my life, I have met more successful people than I can count. They have each taught me the essential ways of life that I have taken and applied which have helped lead me to my own successes. Throughout this book, you have read the amazing stories of numerous entrepreneurs from significantly different walks of life, but I can tell you that the way each of them got there is not all that different. The first thing that is similar about each successful individual’s story is exactly that…they all have a story which is the foundation for their success. A story is the essence of a person or a company’s success because it is what sets them apart. A sort of background that leads them to their passions or their “reason” for action. Many people attempt to get into a space of a particular industry without any relation to it, and this ends up typically as a failure.

Take into consideration my personal story of how I got involved in the CBD industry. I did not just one day decide that I was going to begin working in the cannabis industry. There were multiple factors and stages of my life that lead me to that. My story of wanting to help others live a healthy life starts back when I was a thirteen-year-old boy in the Fall of my eighth-grade year. It was that year that my father was diagnosed with Leukemia, of which he was 87% infected and was told he would only live for five more years. This was a lot to digest as a young teenager, but was the part of my life that shaped me into who I am today.

About Ryan Renick

Ryan Renick is a twenty-two-year-old business owner and entrepreneur from Plano, Texas. Recently he graduated from The University of Arizona, where he launched his CBD business Whole Body Hemp. Renick grew up around business development his entire life and has built a network of impressive relationships which he has utilized and linked together to not only lead to the success of others but as well as his own. His motivation to help others is the very foundation of which his company Whole Body Hemp is built on. He knows that so many people in the world face problems that they cannot face on their own just as he has been through and strives to help those in need in any way possible that he can. Aside from his own business, Renick consults with other entrepreneurs who aspire to build health and wellness companies. He is a creative individual who has all of the right parts to take an idea and make it a reality and build a successful company. There is no doubt that this young motivated entrepreneur will have tremendous success for years to come.