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Becoming an Unshakeable, Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

by Sara Sabin

As I strode through Heathrow airport, on my way to catch a flight to Istanbul, my mobile phone rang. “We did it.” The voice on the other end of the line said. My start-up co-founder. “He’s going to invest into the business. Just wanted to let you know.” My heart sank. 

I am an entrepreneur. When I left the corporate world five years ago, I knew that I was done with it. What I hadn’t factored in, when I entered it with rose coloured glasses, was just how hard it could be. Chasing the glory, the success, the money – it’s not enough to sustainably get you through the lows. You can push through it, with willpower and sheer grit. I’ve done that. But long term, it burns you out and doesn’t bring happiness or satisfaction. 

And after all, why are we entrepreneurs, if not to forge our own path and live our dreams?

The few months prior to that phone call, I had started to regain my sanity, after more than two years of chronic stress, anxiety and near burnout. The phone call was a jolt to my system. It meant that if we took the investment, I was tied to my start-up for the next few years, and I quite simply could not bear the thought of it.

A month after that phone call, I shut down my business. 

About Sara Sabin

Sara Sabin is a qualified accountant, former start-up founder, and a transformational coach. Having been through many transformations herself over the years, it wasn’t until the most recent transformation that she really cracked it! Sara loves to work with entrepreneurs and leaders, who have a grand vision and want to make a big impact on the world around them, through their business. She helps them to develop ‘future intelligence’, so they remain competitive in the years to come. Sara uses neuroscience, positive psychology and cutting edge transformative coaching techniques, to coach leaders, to become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent, and to approach leadership and business challenges in a more creative way, so that they become more influential, effective and profitable, ultimately increasing their business and bottom line impact.