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The Other Side of Can’t

by Shanda Gobeli, CHC

My first tattoo is a butterfly. The delicate image permanently sketched into the skin of my left arm. It’s like a henna. Fake tats don’t bleed. This one did. Its raw beauty emerged from the prickly invasion. The pain fulfilled its purpose, fading into the background.

Here’s a snapshot of my journey.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Love the music. The hairstyles, not so much. My parents raised my sister and I in a loving Christian home. We embrace one another and love Jesus. Our whole family got baptized together in a YMCA swimming pool. Not long after that, I decided that I wanted to be a missionary. From then on, my life would never be the same. Being born with Cerebral Palsy, doctors predicted my future as lacking vitality. My parents didn’t listen. Neither did I.

About Shanda Gobeli

Shanda Gobeli lives her life beyond her limitations. A graduate of Wright State University and a Certified Health Coach, she is an author, speaker, counselor, and health coach. Shanda speaks around the world in places like Russia, Africa, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti. She defies the odds by doing all this from a wheelchair. Cerebral Palsy is Shanda’s diagnosis, but it is not what defines her. Her unshakable faith and unbreakable spirit turn obstacles into opportunities. Shanda is Founder and Director of Strength of Heart Ministries, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves children and adults with disabilities in Haiti. She travels to Haiti with her husband once a year. She opened her own private practice in January 2019: A New Day Health & Life Coaching, where she uniquely coaches clients one-one and in groups. She specializes in stress solutions, eating disorders, weight loss, and self-care. Monthly workshops called Chocolate & Changes offer personal strategic sessions to individuals committed to transforming their health. Having experienced countless struggles, trials, and triumphs, Shanda offers game-changing methods for transformational results. She is currently pursuing a Mastery level certification in Transformational Coaching Methods through Health Coach Institute. Her passions include her husband, ministry, coaching, reading, and traveling. Shanda and Tim live in Akron, Oho with two rescue fur babies Milo and Bella Luna.