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by Stacy Oliveri

What kills you makes you stronger. A badass superhuman possessing the good, the bad and the ugly of all those who came before her. Taught only good girls love others no matter what, because self-love was never taught. An ancestral curse that followed her. A burden that required her to dive deep. Outsiders never knowing the enemy lives at home. The situation, the people, the location all changed but one thing stayed the same. Because those on the outside looking in only see what they want to see. But she knows you can’t judge the depth of the ocean from the shore. A heart of gold has no value here. It’s just shiny, distracting and only complicates everything.

Intuition. A blessing turned on its head. Survival mode is all she knew, a deadly trap of repetitive thoughts. An autobiography written by other people’s words. The only thing they asked is why did she stay so long? All I can say is…you know what, forget it, you wouldn’t understand. You can only see the truth from your level of consciousness. Not my circus. Not my monkeys. I already am the ringleader of my own shit show. I don’t have the time, or the fucks left to explain myself. Besides, the lessons from my past taught me not to trust. 

About Stacy Oliveri

With a foundation in Art Therapy and a MA in Counseling Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy Stacy started her work with at risk youth 20 years ago working in a variety of non-profit organizations. But it was her passion and curiosity for the human condition that lead to her own journey of personal growth and transformation. Proving educational experience alone can only take you so far, she discovered the perseverance to turn inwards and heal her own trauma, ultimately became the most important qualification in her work with clients. In 2019 Stacy furthered her education in health coaching and knowledge of entrepreneurship by developing her online coaching practice providing clients with a holistic and creative approach to healing both the mental and physical body.