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Five “Secret” Strategies for Start-up Business Success

by Tamara Paul

In a career well-populated by clients and friends who are start-up entrepreneurs, I have come to understand why some succeed, even dramatically, while more than a few fail. However, success or failure, I’ve only met a handful who have a clue about even two or three of the five essential start-up business strategies I’m going to discuss. These strategies also apply to launching new products.

In working directly with 37 companies (17 start-up and 30 existing with new products), launching 82 new products, as well as having recruited for my clients more than 700 superb, self-motivated sales reps, I’ve witnessed companies that struggled out the gate with a business or product launch. I’ve also witnessed those companies that flawlessly executed their launch—nonetheless, still missed the mark, especially during that all-important initial launch phase of capturing brand recognition and market share.

By carefully analyzing start-ups’ varied track records, I have been able to determine the “why” of success or failure, specifically five critical steps every business needs to take in order to succeed. Consider this my “secret sauce”—what I bring to my clients to help ensure success. This is the only path I’ve found that consistently allows a start-up company, or a company’s new product, to “crack the rich code.”

About Tamara Paul

Tamara Paul is a serial entrepreneur who wears many hats. Author, CEO, Life Coach, Business Coach, Speaker, and more…. Married to former NFL player, Tito Paul Sr., Tamara is a mother of two boys Tito Paul II, and Trey Paul.

Tamara, a graduate of Ohio University, has co-founded multiple companies and is the CEO of Your True Potential. Tamara brings a long track record in successful business management, including financial stability, corporate structure and operational frameworks. An experienced entrepreneur and small business owner, Tamara is the guru of organizational discipline and enablement. In working directly with over 35 companies, launching over 80 new products, as well as having recruited more than 700 superb, self-motivated sales reps, Tamara has made her mark in the business world.

A graduate of one of the most respected life and health coaching programs, Tamara is also a member of the International Coach Federation. She has long recognized her greatest success is in helping others succeed. Her passionate commitment to her work focuses on personal and professional life coaching, health coaching, entrepreneurial/business consulting, work/life balance coaching, and inspirational speaking. Tamara’s gift is preparing you for opportunities that are coming your way.